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Recommended Colours for Year 2021 – 幸运颜色




Because of the appearance of colors, the beauty of this lovely world is shown. Everyone has their own alternatives to colors, but do you know that the choices of colors that you make, will also affect your personal fortune?

Feng Shui divides colors into categories based on the five elements (gold, wood, water, fire, and earth), and these five elements is applied in the Chinese Zodiac too. The recommended color of each Zodiac is calculated, according to the theory of the five elements of the year. Applied those recommended colors on your daily wears, not only will change your fortune, when everything goes well, it creates a sense of self-confidence, and forms a good cycle in both physically and mentally way, for your daily life.



RAT (鼠)Pink, Purple, Red , Yellow (粉色,紫色,红色,黄色)
OX   (牛)White, Black, Blue, Purple (白色,黑色,蓝色,紫色)
TIGER (虎)Blue, Orange, Peach, Pink, Green (蓝色,橘色,桃色,粉色,绿色)
RABBIT (兔)Rose Gold, Wheat/Light Brown, Burgundy Red, Grey (玫瑰金,小麦色/浅褐色,酒红,灰色)
DRAGON(龙)Gold, Yellow, Silver, Orange (金色,黄色,银色,橘色)
SNAKE (蛇)Purple, Rose Pink, Blue, Black (紫色,玫瑰粉,蓝色,黑色)
HORSE (马)Maroon, Red, Purple, Green (栗色,红色,紫色,绿色)
GOAT (羊)Grey, Khaki Green, Brown, White (灰色,卡其绿色,棕色,白色)
MONKEY(猴)Red, Magenta, Yellow Beige, Blue (红色,品红,米黄色,蓝色)
ROOSTER (鸡)White Gold, Beige, Blue, Purple (白金色,米色,蓝色,紫色)
DOG (狗)Dark, Orange, White, Army Green (深色,橘色,白色,军绿色)
PIG (猪)Pink,  White, Green, Blue (粉色,白色,绿色,蓝色)



You can pick out other shades as long as it ties in with our recommended colours in the chart.

Eg if recommended shade is blue – you can match pastel blue/navy blue

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