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Three Musts of Feng Shui

1. Living Room Feng Shui
Living room Feng Shui is extremely important as it is the wealth sector of the house. Career, academics, wealth, and romance luck are all linked to the living room Feng Shui. The orientation in the living room is thus of utmost importance.

Overly Yin Living Room – Increase lights and mirrors in the room. Placing portraits and paintings if the sun and horses will help as well.   Overly Yang Living Room – Increase potted plants that grows in water, water fountains, and scenery paintings.

*Furniture Arrangement
Sofa, dining table, TV, piano and altar needs to be  placed in well-ventilated locations. Sharp objects, animals statues or clashing zodiac animals should not be placed near this furniture

*Flow of energy
Main door should not face balcony, window, kitchen, toilet or room doors. If the flow of energy gets blocked, wealth cannot be kept and gathered in the household, malicious gossips and people will be in abundance. Using a screen or soil-based plants can help avert this unfortunate orientation.

*Colour coordination
Using the family members’ Eight Characters, and house orientation, colours that are mutually generating in the Five Elements theory will be chosen.


5 Element DirectionColour
GoldWest, North-West, North-East, Central, South-West, North

(Avoid South, East, South-East)

White, Gold, Yellow, Blue, Grey

(Avoid Green, Red, Pink)

WoodEast, South-East, North, South

(Avoid West, North-West)

Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Purple, Pink, Brown

(Avoid White, Gold, Yellow)

WaterNorth, North-West, East, South-East

(Avoid South, South-West, North-East, Central)

Black, Blue, White, Green, Orange, Yellow
FireSouth, South-East, East, North-East, South-West, Central

(Avoid North, North-West, West)

Red, Pink, Green, Grey, Purple
EarthNorth-East, Central, South-West, South, West, North-West

(Avoid North, East, South-East)

Yellow, Brown, Blue, White, Orange, Red, Grey, Pink

(Avoid Green)


2. Kitchen Feng Shui

The stove is of utmost importance to family harmony, especially for the lady owner. The stove should avoid water, and avoid facing the toilet, sink, washing machine and fridge. Kitchen door should not face the stove. The stove is of the element, and hence not recommended to be placed in the West or North West of the house, which is of the metal element, as well as North, which is the water element. 


3. Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom Feng Shui directly affect the wealth, career , family harmony, and romance luck. Bed orientation and room colors should be optimized for the owner’s Eight Characters. The headboard should rest against the wall and not the windows. Bed should not face the bedroom door or the toilet door. Mirrors also should not face the bed.
The headboard should not have a beam across the top nor have any accessories. Refrain from putting Buddha statues, swords or knives. It is good to have music box, family portraits, Dragon-Phoenix cup, benefactor zodiac, safe or Ju Bao Pen in the bedroom. 


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