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Master Vion Lee

Master Vion Lee developed her interest in Metaphysics and geomancy from a young age and has spent many years in the study of Religion and Chinese Astrology. She was trained by renowned masters for many years and is now a distinguished expert in Emperor Star Astrology, Life Fortune Analysis, Selection of Auspicious Personal Name and Tarot Analysis.

Equipped with an innate talent in this field, Master Vion Lee aspires to help make a difference in people’s lives, helping people attain a bright and successful future. Her dedication and precise assessment in fortune consulting have won much favorable reviews and great respect from her customers. Her expertise has also helped many businesses, families and individuals in their personal and professional endeavours.

For Grand Master Hillary Phang and Master Vion
Hi, Im Ms Zhuang, over these years we are extremely grateful to Grand Master Phang and Master Vion from Nex. Master Phang had given us plentiful of recommendations on Feng Shui, and Master Vion relentless effort in your help which instills confidences in us at the same time improve our family luck and fortune.
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by Ms Zhuang
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