2-Day Numerology Class, 11-12 Sep (Sat & Sun) 10am-5pm | Yuan Zhong Siu


2-Day Numerology Class, 11-12 Sep (Sat & Sun) 10am-5pm

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2-Day Numerology Class by Master Jin
Date : 11-12 Sep (Sat & Sun)
Time :10am-5pm
Location: 190 Middle Road, #18-03 Fortune Centre (S)188979

快速成为预测大师,帮助他人指点迷津、 走出困境、成就事业、拓宽人脉

What will you learn?

  • The cosmic vibrations of every string of number
  • Learn to read any number that is given to you (including HP, car plate, unit number and more)
  • How to set ATM password for your bank account PIN to prevent money leakage
  • Analyze your current HP number to determine if it possesses romance luck with the opposite sex or if it enhances your wealth luck
  • Tap into the power of Numerology and use wealth-generating numbers to help you achieve a full and happy life
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Who should attend?

  • Anyone who is keen in Numerology
  • If your job is a people-oriented one, you can use this knowledge to be a conversation starter and deduce your client’s HP number and to better understand their personality
  • Real estate agents: learn to decipher unit numbers and understand why numbers 13 and 14 are lucky numbers (contrary to popular belief)
  • Use numbers to speed up your path to success. Ideal for any businessmen or entrepreneurs


  • Class is conducted in Mandarin
  • Bring your own notebook to take notes
  • Lunch break will be given
  • We will teach you the memorization technique for the number analysis and practice session



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