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Alpha Kui Xing Emblem

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Powerful luck enhancer that transforms bad luck and negativities into positive energies. Enhances benefactor’s luck to receive guidance for ultimate achievements.


  • Strengthens protection & removes negative Sha energies to ensure family harmony
  • Ushers peace, prosperity & quells obstacles for a smooth climb up the ladder of success
  • Attracts opportunities to increase chances of breakthroughs

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Size: 5cm (L) x 5cm (H)
*Note: Each set contains 9 emblems

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  • 平稳磁力线, 化煞镇宅, 平安顺利
  •  趋吉避凶, 使家运兴旺, 和谐美满
  • 增加贵人缘, 得贵人提携, 获机遇与人和, 达成所望
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