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Courage Amazonite Eagle Bracelet

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Emotional intelligence. Positivity. Protection. Relaxation.

  • Strong positive energies for insomnia, nightmare, protection and relaxation
  • Enhance mental functioning and unlock innate potential
  • Build emotional intelligence for stronger relationships to succeed at school or work

Yuan Zhong Siu Exclusive Eagle Charm 
The Eagle is a symbol of bravery, enthusiasm, hope and strength. Open up doors of opportunities and increase one’s motivational spirit.

  • Unleashes vigorous power to achieve your inner most desires and optimize decision-making abilities
  • Achieve unyielding drive and indomitable will. Resonate with your inner strength to thrive in your career

🍀Four-Leaf Lucky Clover Charm
Essential charm for 2021 to usher good blessings and prevent misfortunes from the enhanced misfortune Wen Chang Star. A good luck booster – each leaf represents; reputation, true love, happiness and good health.

*See below for Chinese descriptions and for more details

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  • 安抚困惑情绪,转运减压,改善失眠
  • 福慧双修,创造良好沟通,增强宽容
  • 临危不乱,随遇而安,心平气和



  • 勇敢,果断爽快,饱满旺盛的力量
  • 不屈不挠的拼劲,万难不屈的毅力



  • 寓意荣耀,幸福,真爱,健康
  • 充满希望和信心,生活上的小确幸,心欢喜,人自在
  • 使您热爱幸福,热爱生命,放下固执己见,好好爱自己
  • 为自己的健康、荣耀,坦然宽心面对风雨,必能扭转乾坤,幸福就在您手里


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Bracelet Size

Match according to your wrist size (FREE One-time Size alteration)

XS 12.5~13.4cm
S 13.5~14.4cm
M 14.5~15.4cm
L 15.5~16.4cm
XL 16.5~17.4cm
2XL 17.5~18.4cm
3XL 18.5~19.4cm

Alternatively, you may select based on your usual apparel size. Our bracelets are designed to also match your clothing size!

*Note: Additional charges will apply for individuals with wrist circumference 20cm and above.
**Due to the nature of crystals and Liu Li, difference in colour and tones of the individual pieces are not considered a defect.

Crystal Care
Do not wear to shower Do not wear to shower
Not recommended to wear to sleep Not recommended to wear to sleep
Not recommended to wear to sleep Re-energize it with Wealth Enhancing Purifying Water

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