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Golden Prosperity Crystal Tree


The Golden Prosperity Tree brings wealth luck and abundance. The tree is rooted in a golden money bag, symbolizing financial stability with a steady flow of money to your savings.

Wealth. Success. Luck. Stability. 

  • Helps you manifest abundance, wealth, and prosperity, increasing both direct and indirect windfall luck
  • Stout trunk represents stability, allowing your wealth to build and accumulate
  • Branches extend in various directions, carving out various path of opportunities for your business/career
  • Dispels negativity and protects you from financial losses

Size: 10.5cm(L) x 10.5cm(W) x 21cm(H), Weight: 0.45kg
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  • 枝繁叶茂寓意财源满满, 吉祥富贵
  • 厚实的支杆和聚宝袋代表着 财源稳固,聚财守财
  • 能改运化煞气,聚财纳祥
  • 有助镇定情绪和稳定事业发展

Where to Place/Product Placement

  • Wealth Position of your Home
  • West location of your living room/bedroom
  • Left hand side of your work desk/bed
  • For businesses: Can place at the left hand side of the Cash Register


Citrine (黄水晶)

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Liu Li Care
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