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Oceania Seashell Aquamarine Protection Bracelet

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Communication. Courage. Serenity. Health.

  • Improve persuasiveness and boost decisiveness to bring phenomenal career growth
  • Ability to navigate toxic environment, calm irritation and restore the body to optimal health
  • Strengthen femininity; enhance EQ, promote love and harmony

蓝海月明升光辉 (灵佑) 手链

  • 有助事业平步青云
  • 安神助眠,护体安康
  • 提高情商和沟通能力,增进感情
2022 Zodiac Bracelets Promotion
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  • Gold Ingot x2
  • Blessed Rice Pack
  • Wealth Pi Xiu Keychain
  • Gold Ingot x2
  • Blessed Rice Pack
  • Crystal Degaussing Bowl
  • Wealth Pi Xiu Keychain
  • Gold Ingot x2
  • Blessed Rice Pack
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Crystal size: 8mm & 10mm
*See below for crystal descriptions and for more details

*Wrist Size: Let us know your wrist size without any leeway so we can match your bracelet to fit. Simply specify your exact wrist size in the Order Notes section during checkout.

For example:
Aurora Blue Sandstone – 14.8cm
Ariston Luxe Amethyst – 16.3cm

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Your Essential Power Protector

Qian Shou Guan Yin
  • Repel negative energies for great health and aid in emotional healing
  • Bring strength, protection and victory in your endeavours
  • Stabilise career foundation, build resilience and achieve success
      • 疾病远离,平安祥瑞
      • 正面能量,巩固事业
      • 开启光明,消除障碍,提升开创和执行力

Featured Crystals/Charms

Moonstone (8mm)
  • Balance hormonal systems, aid fertility and ease menstrual tension
  • A crystal for new beginnings; draw out hidden charm enabling you to find love
  • Calm the waves of emotions and be adaptable to changes
      • 协助脂肪代谢,调节内分泌,有助排毒养颜
      • 『恋爱之石』,唤醒恋爱能量,情感交融,心灵相通
      • 能量非常柔和,促进神经放松,有助安眠
Aquamarine (10mm)
海蓝宝 (10mm)
  • Enhance speech precision, wisdom and EQ to improve interpersonal skills
  • Calm the mind to increase productivity, unblock yourself from limiting beliefs and to excel at work
  • A precious crystal of fortitude and safety. Effective healing properties for good health and restful sleep for the wearer
      • 开启智慧和思考能力,带来平静和安宁
      • 能增强亲和力,让人更喜欢亲近,提升人缘
      • 平安福气之石,能帮助表达能力,提升沟通能力
Blue Lace Agate (10mm)
蓝纹玛瑙 (10mm)
  • Overcome mental obstacle for clear thoughts to improve your public speaking ability
  • Strengthen bone health, balance your energies and promote restful sleep
  • Eliminate stress to allow inspirational flow of ideas for career advancement
      • 思如涌泉,招揽人脉
      • 治愈系的水晶,解压舒怀,改善睡眠
      • 清理脑中杂念,激发灵感,事业亨通
Seashell Charm
  • Found along the coastlines of the world, seashells are made by the animals that live inside, providing them with safety and protection and symbolising birth, transformation and good fortune
  • The pearl in the shell represents enlightenment, beauty, wealth, purity and wisdom
  • Deflect superfluous energies from your aura and prevent positive energies to move out of your body
      • 寓意内有【钱】坤,财富丰盈。亦象征永恒不变的爱
Crown  Charm
  • A symbolic representation of power, supreme status, success, glory and sovereignty
  • Allow your inner radiance to shine forth while having all your wishes fulfilled
  • Promote innate health, happiness and aid in manifesting prosperity
      • 皇冠代表权力,象征着至高无上的地位,寓意荣誉,象征着权力光辉,成功在望
      • 女性佩戴皇冠,寓意优雅的姿态,展现处变不惊,永不言败的精神气节
      • 皇冠双辉,艳冠群芳,雍容华贵,魅力仁爱,丰收喜悦

Grand Master Phang’s recommendation based on 2022 Zodiac Forecast
Rat, Pig, Tiger
(Not limited to these zodiac signs)


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Bracelet Size

Match according to your wrist size (FREE One-time Size alteration)

XS 12.5~13.4cm
S 13.5~14.4cm
M 14.5~15.4cm
L 15.5~16.4cm
XL 16.5~17.4cm
2XL 17.5~18.4cm
3XL 18.5~19.4cm

Alternatively, you may select based on your usual apparel size. Our bracelets are designed to also match your clothing size!

*Note: Additional charges will apply for individuals with wrist circumference 20cm and above.
**Due to the nature of crystals and Liu Li, difference in colour and tones of the individual pieces are not considered a defect.

Crystal Care
Do not wear to shower Do not wear to shower
Not recommended to wear to sleep Not recommended to wear to sleep
Not recommended to wear to sleep Re-energize it with Wealth Enhancing Purifying Water

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