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Promo: Zi Wei Dou Shu Astrology Service by Master Emily Lam + FREE Hu Lu Keychain

$196.00 $118.00

⏱️Limited time offer from NOW till 7 Dec (Thu) 10:00 PM
  • Zi Wei Dou Shu (Ba Zi) Reading @ $118+GST (U.P $168)
  • Hu Lu Keychain (worth $28+GST)
    (Total Worth $196)

Zi Wei Dou Shu Astrology Service (紫微斗数) is our signature service. It is a form of ancient Chinese Astrology that uses your birth date and time to give an overall insight into your life and help you understand yourself better. This service is useful to help you deduce your personal strengths, manage your relationships better, safeguard your finances, provide guidance for a successful career and spot any potential imminent dangers.

During the face-to-face session, our Master will analyse various aspects of your life including your wealth, love, romance, work, travel, siblings, children and more. You will also find out more about your innate potential, weaknesses, zodiac benefactors, debtors, luck cycle, etc. Use the findings of the session to help you avoid pitfalls and make better decisions in life. Accuracy is precise and feel free to ask any questions during the session!


*Note: To proceed for booking, checkout for this service. Fill up your contact number accurately in the billing details section. Our service representative will WhatsApp you within 2 working days for appointment making. Submit your birth information and await for the scheduled appointment at our retail outlet.

Appointment date and time is based on Master’s availability. 
For any queries – click here to contact us via WhatsApp! Send us a WhatsApp

*See below for Chinese descriptions and for more details


What Our Clients Say About Master Emily Lam

Cherie Tok
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Appreciate Master Emily and assistant Ann for kind guidance all these years with clear explanation and recommendations on what to be careful and what to be done to reduce to minimum the obstacles that may happen. Thank you
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l've known Master Emily for many years, and Master has analyzed the flow of years for me many times and is very accurate. lt makes me and my family admire her, and l'm also grateful for her patience and detailed explanation,how to overcome obstacles so that our family's work gets smoother and smoother. Thank you Master Emily for all these years.
Jaron Chua
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I would like thank Master Emily and her team Venna for their guidance and good service. They are patient and do their best in answering our query. Looking forward to the upcoming session in July! Keep up the good work team!
Cnnchin Lim
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I had a good reading from Master Emily at Fortune Centre. Her reading and explanation on my Zi Wei Astrology Reading chart is so precise. Her assistant Venna also assisted me very well, and wrote down all the important notes for me. They are also not pushy with recommendations, a big plus point for me. Also recommended my colleague to find them for the same service, and she felt the same experience too. Thank you YZS!
Little Bee
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Throughout these few years of consulting with Master Emily, Vin and myself are very comfortable with her and all her advises. These few years, we know what to take note and be careful based on Master's advise. It is also our duty to try to carry out her advises, otherwise all is in vain. We really do see improvements in aspects of our lives, if not we won't be following Master Emily for so many years.
Pearl Han
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I went to have my fortune read few years ago by Master Emily, and I enjoyed my session. What they explained to me about my readings, I can relate well and be more assured of myself. For people who are interested to know more about yourself, you can get your reading checked and explained here. FYI, fortune telling don't read your future. What they specialise is to read your characters and compatibility, so you can make better decisions and improves your life.
Michael Xu
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A very detailed analysis of my chart and clarify my queries effectively. What impressed me the most is the accuracy of Master Emily's analysis. I will definitely recommend her service to anyone who wish to find out more about their life and destiny.

More About Master Emily

Master Emily is one of the most experienced professional Masters in Yuan Zhong Siu. With her own innovative blend of excellent skills and knowledge, Master Emily Lam brings traditional concepts into the modern era, creating distinctive solutions that are specifically tuned to her clients’ individual needs. With more than 20 years of experience, she is a well-loved and respected Outlet Master situated at our Fortune Centre Flagship store. She specialises in Zi Wei Dou Shu Astrology and Face Feng Shui Analysis service.

Hu Lu Keychain  葫芦吊饰 (Worth $28+GST)

Hu Lu (gourd) sounds like ‘Fu Lu’ which means fortune and wealth.
With this compact Hu Lu keychain, elevate your energy on the move with this Hu Lu keychain which helps garner auspiciousness and guard against negativity. Attach it to your keys or bag to carry the positive Feng Shui vibes with you, inviting prosperity and harmony wherever you venture.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Zi Wei Dou Shu(Ba Zi) astrology reading?

Zi Wei Dou Shu (Ba Zi) astrology reading is a profound ancient Chinese astrological system that provides insights into your life path, personality traits and more.

The reading is highly personalized as your chart is computed from your birth information (i.e. Ba Zi).The insights are tailored to help you understand12 aspects of your life including your: career, relationships, health, lucky colors, zodiac benefactors and more.

2. Is Zi Wei Dou Shu (Ba Zi) astrology reading accurate?

Zi Wei Dou Shu (Ba Zi) astrology reading is based on complex calculations and centuries of observation, providing precise insights into your life. Most clients say it is astonishingly accurate about their lives!

3. Can Zi Wei Dou Shu (Ba Zi) astrology reading help me in financial matters?

Yes! Zi Wei Dou Shu (Ba Zi) astrology reading can provide guidance on financial matters, including investment opportunities, wealth accumulation,and money management.

Example – it can point you to the right directionof your career path and help you identify business/investment opportunities.

4. Is Zi Wei Dou Shu (Ba Zi) astrology reading only suitable for individuals, or can it benefit couples and families too?

The service is beneficial for individuals, couples,and families. It helps improve understanding, communication, and harmony among family members.

Through the service, parents can identify their children’s talent and love language to maximizetheir potential. As for couples who come to us,our astrology master can help them understand their spouse better and provide guidance on nurturing harmonious connections.

5. Will Zi Wei Dou Shu (Ba Zi) astrology reading predict my future (including my death)?
While Zi Wei Dou Shu (Ba Zi) astrology reading does not predict the future with certainty, it can forecast trends and potential life events, allowing you to make informed choices. It is not meant to predict one’s life span.

6. I have seen Zi Wei Dou Shu (Ba Zi) astrology reading before, do I need to see it again?
It is recommended to have a Zi Wei Dou Shu(Ba Zi) astrology reading at significant life junctures, such as career changes, relationship milestones, or major decision-making moments.

Even if you have seen it before, you can come for a yearly review. Zi Wei Dou Shu (Ba Zi) astrology reading empowers you to make informed decisions and seize timely opportunities.

7. Who should come for a reading?

  • Individuals who feel stuck in their current situation or wish to gain clarity of their life
  • You are in a mid-life crisis, dilemma or cannot make decision in your present situation
  • You experience a lack of purpose in your life and are not quite sure what you really want in life
  • You are not living your dream life and you feel that you are not fulfilling your dreams or aspirations
  • Individuals who want to understand their luck cycle to help them improve their relationships, career and wealth
  • You feel suffocated, stuck and lack direction in life
  • If you are struggling with career choices, relationship issues or have yet to find your life goals

8. What are the benefits of the reading?

  • Get to reconnect with yourself and your inner core. Find out about your gifts, strengths and talents to unleash phenomenal personal growth
  • Find out how your weaknesses could get in the way of your success and develop actionable plan to achieve your goals
  • Learn more about yourself, your personality and what makes you feel alive and excited
  • Make sense of your past and make a conscious decision to move away from it. Build better relationships with people around you
  • Find out what is holding you back from real growth and find ways on how you can level up as a person
  • Provide guidance for career switch, find your purpose/calling in life and maximize your potential
  • Find love, fulfilment and true happiness in life
  • Reduce uncertainty, anxiety, confusion when you do the right thing at the right time & ride on the wave of your luck cycle

9. Do I need to bring anything to the session?
No, we will print out your birth chart. Just come as you are and feel free to ask any questions during the appointment session with our Master. 

10. What information do I need to provide?

DOB, time of birth and country of birth as indicated in your birth certificate. No conversions are needed from your end as we will do the necessary conversions for your astrology natal chart.  

By analyzing the elements within your birth information, we can help you unlock your hidden potential and navigate the world with renewed clarity and confidence. So why wait? Book your session today and experience the benefits of our powerful Zi Wei Dou Shu reading service for yourself!

11. Can I make a deposit first and pay for the remaining payment on my appointment date?
We regret to inform that full payment is required to book for an appointment. 

Zi Wei Dou Shu (Ba Zi) Astrology Reading (紫微斗数)



命宫 – 代表个人的运势历程及一生的成就,并可以判断容貌、才能、品行及性格。
官禄宫 – 代表个人一生的事业状况、成就、地位、工作选择以及创业机会。
夫妻宫 – 可以判断个人感情经历、婚姻状况、精神生活与关系,何时有良缘。
迁移宫 – 可以推测其才能发展、环境适应能力及个人驻外的祸福,出国机会及外出运势。
田宅宫 – 可以判断个人置产、居住环境、投资机会。



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