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Prosperity Arowana Fish


Known as golden dragon, it is a highly priced symbol of abundant wealth and dominant power.

Wealth. Abundance. Career Success.

  • Great for commanding money energy and authority
  • Safeguards personal fortune and bestows personal power to its owner
  • Open pathways to business success and career achievements
  • Arowana is on top of a bed of Chinese gold coins, making it an ideal business gift for anyone you wish to bestow with great wealth luck

Size: 15.5cm(L) x 5.5cm(W) x 4.8cm(H), Weight: 290g

*Comes in 2 different colors
**See below for Chinese descriptions and for more details

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Where to Place

Home  – The Prosperity Arowana Fish should be placed in the Wealth Position of your home or left hand side of your work desk.
Office/Shop – Place the Prosperity Arowana Fish near where you keep your financial papers/cash register. If you have seen a Feng Shui audit, the best spot is to place it in the Wealth Position as advised by your Feng Shui Master.
Water Fountain – Since fish needs water, you can enhance your wealth by place it near a water fountain.



财运亨通. 丰衣足食. 事业腾飞.

  • 十分合适于主导财运能量与权力
  • 庇护个人财富与赋予持有者权力
  • 开启商业成功与职业成就之道
  • 若您希望他人财运排山倒海而来,那昂首畅游于中国古金币之上的金龙鱼,就是您最理想的商务礼物

尺寸:15.5cm(长) x 5.5cm(宽) x 4.8cm(高), 重量:290g


Bright Orange (金橙色) – Wealth Luck, Good Fortune , 繁荣昌盛
Golden Yellow (金黄色) – Income Luck, Business Success , 生财有道


居家 – 招财金龙鱼应摆在家中财位,或你办公桌的左侧
办公室 – 可放在财位,财务文件或收银机接近之处
流水喷泉 – 可放在喷泉附近增进财运,让你行事如鱼得水


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Dimensions15.5 × 5.5 × 4.8 cm

Prosperity Arowana Fish – Bright Orange, Prosperity Arowana Fish – Golden Yellow

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