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Selection of Auspicious Handphone Number by Master Jin


This is an analysis of your current handphone number and a face-to-face session with Master Jin to help you activate the new number. Master Jin will recommend suitable ending digits of your handphone number and pick the best number from the list of your preferred telecommunication service provider. The recommended handphone number will be personalized according to your birth information (i.e. Ba Zi) and your life goals.

  • Information needed: Your name, gender, job occupation, marital status, date of birth, time of birth, country of birth, your goals in life and the current HP number(s) you are utilizing (including the duration of use)
  • Prior appointment needed. The session will be conducted at 190 Middle Road #18-03 Fortune Centre S188797
  • First come first served basis. Cart out and you will receive an order number. Our team member will be in contact with you within 36 hours to help you make an appointment with Master Jin

Tap into the power of numerology and let Master Jin help guide you to greater success. Master Jin is the best numerology master in Yuan Zhong Siu. With many years of experience, he has helped numerous clients to understand the energies of the numbers that they are using. Finding a suitable number is not an overnight process, therefore, Master Jin will continue serving you until you find a number that is best for you.

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  1. 根据老师批号,取尾数4位或3位去电信公司选号
  2. 把选到同尾数的号码发回老师挑选
  3. 老师挑到适合的号码后,事主购买回手机号
  4. 新号到手不要马上使用,通知老师帮忙择吉日吉时启用
  5. 吉日当日提前到达公司 (地址: 190 Middle Road, #18-05, Fortune Centre, Singapore 188979),老师会准备开号文疏,光明灯,做完仪式后,面向吉方位打第一通电话
  6. 第一通电话打给你人生当中最重要的贵人,告知改了开运号,并交待保存
  7. 当晚邀请三五好友或亲朋,庆祝一番




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