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Wealth Enhancing Card (Gift)


Yuan Zhong Siu’s exclusive item. (Sold as a set of 2)
Filled with high energy vibration and the image of 财宝天王 to bring wealth luck!
2 cards at $20 NETT (U.P. $36)
Free Normal Mail


  • Prevent money leakage
  • Increase money-making opportunities
  • 财宝天王属四大天王之一,职掌财宝富贵,散发人间财富
  • 藉由财宝天王的加持,可助您事业顺利,宏图大展,求财满愿,速能相应

How to use our Wealth Enhancing Card:

  • Place it in your wallet, inside your money compartment
  • Place it together with your wealth pot (聚宝盆) or any money-enhancing items (for example Pi Xiu 貔貅, Long Gui 龙龟) to enhance wealth flow

Size: 5cm(L) x 8cm(W)

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