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Wealth Enhancing Purifying Water (Gift)


💦Wealth Enhancing Purifying Water 晶鸿能量水 (Capacity: 120ml)
 (U.P. $38/bottle) – See below for details on how to use our Purifying Water

  • Use it to get rid of stale energies in your drawer, store-room, wardrobe, etc.
  • Re-energize & re-charge all your crystal items with a spritz from the bottle.
  • Attended a wake, funeral or have just visited the hospital? Spray this on yourself before entering your home to ensure that the negative ‘yin’ energy does not follow you home.

* Self-Collection (Chinatown, Fortune Centre and Serangoon Central)
** Top-up required for NinjaVan Door Step Delivery.

How to use our💦 Wealth Enhancing Purifying Water:
Feng Shui is about harnessing good chi. The purifying water is used to get rid of stale energies. After cleaning any area (i.e. your cabinet/drawer/room/house/office), you can spritz the water a couple of times to that area. Wipe dry after spraying.
*Note – When using the bottle, remember to open the windows/door to allow bad chi (i.e. stale energy) to escape.

Re-charge your crystals or Liu Li (琉璃) items
You no longer have to bring your items to our shop for cleansing/re-purification. Do it yourself: Spritz the Wealth Enhancing Purifying Water on your crystal items or Liu Li (琉璃) ornaments at home/office to re-energize it. Then proceed to use a dry cloth to wipe the ornaments dry every night.

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