Testimonial Master: Master Cheng Chean Long


Testimonial Master: Master Cheng Chean Long

Linda Yap

感谢缘中秀命理风水的陈泉龙师傅Master Cheng。我们一家四 人的紫微斗数都给陈师傅批。陈师傅不止批算的非常准,准到我非常惊讶,深深佩服他在命理学上的造诣极高,而且为人和蔼可 亲,又肯花他宝贵的时间教导我们做人的道理,还有一些佛学 上的[礼仪〕 我的儿子在给陈师傅批紫微斗数的当儿,问陈师傅,他想申请警察工作,在紫微的〔事业宫〕是否可以去进行?陈师傅非常准确的说可以!现在我儿子上个星期已经去警察总部面试了,在等email要他去做身体检查。 我们一家非常开心感恩能够找到一位在命理学上批算到那么精 准的师傅。感谢感恩陈泉龙师傅。

Brenda Hobin

Anyone can read Purple Star Astrology chart, but not everyone can interpret and advice the ways Master Cheng Chean Long can. Thank you Master Cheng for the precise interpretation and thank you Amanda Lin for managing my account!


Master Cheng with over years of expertise, indeed amazed me with his ability to give a good thorough reading of my astrology chart to the point and accurate. It enabled me to plan my life better while taking the precautions as advised. I have since introduced others who have benefitted from his service.

Raymond Chee

Master Cheng was able to articulate very accurately on my Zi Wei Dou Shu chart. His analysis of my chart was very insightful and profound. The staffs in the outlet are very polite and friendly. Highly recommended for individuals who are seeking to understand deeper on different stages of their life. A Big Thumbs up!

Benson Lee

Great experience with Master Cheng as he is able to decode my past experiences precisely. Initially, I was a bit sceptical but after the reading, I was convinced with Master’s decipher ability. He gave me some pointers for my future and some encouragement words that means a lot at this current state. Consultants are very …

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Grace Chong

Master Cheng from Taiwan is very accurate and encouraging. He is very patient and give you a lot of advice how you can improve your life and avoid some obstacles. Highly recommended Master Cheng at Fortune Centre Branch.

Jordan Chuan

Thank you so so much Master Cheng. He really help me a lot of my business and gave me many precious advice. I really grateful that I met him and thankful of his service. I went there many times and also even doing business overseas also will ask someone to get the Feng Shui items …

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Lawrenz Tan

Hi there I will like to comment and thank Master Cheng on the below and hereby sharing with you. End of 2019, my flat ended HDB Upgrading Scheme… However, my kitchen’s ceiling-soffit was damaged. In 2020, due to COVID-19, costs of doing and possibility is very hard. Without knowing this at all, Master Cheng predicted …

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