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Lawrenz Tan

Hi there I will like to comment and thank Master Cheng on the below and hereby sharing with you. End of 2019, my flat ended HDB Upgrading Scheme… However, my kitchen’s ceiling-soffit was damaged. In 2020, due to COVID-19, costs of doing and possibility is very hard. Without knowing this at all, Master Cheng predicted correctly that there is a sign of home-works and is a must-do but suggested me to hold back abit. It helps because during past 2 months of 2020; the unit above mine had done a major renovation. It worsen the situation of my place. Indeed, a blessing in disguise I made a case with the relevant govt departments and I can see that due to COVID-2019; they are also very diligent and reacted within a week with the contractor to check on my situations.Just to share and update on my beliefs with Master Cheng & also YZS. Lastly, extending my appreciation with words here for Master Cheng and everyone who helped me during my years with YZS.

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