Horse – Yuan Zhong Siu


Lucky Number:

Due to the direct clash with Tai Sui, individuals born in the year of the Horse will hit a career plateau. Direct conflicts with colleagues are avoidable but malicious hidden agendas are not. Things might not go as planned, and it’s easy to fall into despair. A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor; this year, work on your social skills and focusing on building resilience.


Expect slower grow in wealth; money management is important. Work on ways to grow your direct income instead of pinning your hope on lottery windfall or speculative investments. Wealth wise, give generously to others but be frugal towards your own spending. Business owners need to keep expenses low and avoid risky moves.


The clash of Tai Sui will result in unfavorable health conditions related to your lung and kidney. It is important to have a healthy diet to supplement your body with vital minerals. Alcohol consumption is not advisable. Exercise extra caution when on the road. Consider being actively involved in social work for a charity organization to dissolve negativities and invite good energy around you.


An exciting love life is in the charts for individuals born in the year of the horse, you might have ample suitors around you. For those in a relationship, your love will be tested. Married couples ought to manage your own expectations and steer away from unnecessary disputes. Consult a professional geomancer to draw harmonious energies into your home.

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