2021 Horse Zodiac Forecast


Lucky Number:

Harms Tai Sui


It will be an unsatisfactory career and academic year for those born in the year of the Horse due to the negative influence of Tai Sui. Relationships at work will not be harmonious so avoid engaging in office gossip! Careers involving the gift of gab such as teacher, business consultant and salesmen will enjoy better fortune. Businessmen need to try their best and find new products to cater to market demands.


Money luck will be fluctuating this year. You will see income flowing in; however, a misfortune star will affect wealth accumulation. Expenditure will be higher due to medical issues and family matters. Hence, having sufficient medical coverage and health insurance is important. Your indirect wealth luck is poor, you need to take steps to minimize credit card debt and track expenses to prevent financial losses.


Your health will be afflicted by two disasters stars, pay attention to even the smallest health symptoms and seek immediate medical treatment. Do not overeat; a healthy diet rich in vegetables and fruits will prove helpful to prevent health problems. To avoid unexpected incidents, drive safely and adhere to all traffic rules. In 2021, appease the Tai Sui and do more charity work to accumulate good karma.


Equivocal romance luck will cause a series of storms in the relationships sector. With the presence of a flirtatious star, singles may meet romantic interests but most encounters will end up fruitless. There will be no alarming changes in marital relations but married couples will fight and disagree frequently. A Feng Shui audit is essential to improve the flow of harmonious energies and lessen difficulties.

Lucky Colours: Brown, Red, Purple, Green
Auspicious Directions: West, Southwest, Northwest
Auspicious Crystals: Rose Quartz, Blue Sandstone, Clear Quartz

Recommended Bracelets for Year 2021

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Warrior Pegasus Goldstone Bracelet
Titan Obsidian Eagle Bracelet
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