2021 Ox Zodiac Forecast


Lucky Number:

Offends Tai Sui


Your career will take a backseat this year; for individuals born in the year of the Ox, you need to discover ways to keep yourself employable and relevant. Entrepreneurs will face tough competition and students should be careful not to be overly confident and end up being complacent in their studies. With Wu Qu star, you will thrive in turbulent environments; embrace changes as they bring you opportunities amidst difficulties.


Your overall wealth luck is stable and there will be a chance for a windfall. This year, expand your professional sphere by attending more networking events. Your contacts will value-add to your wealth fortune in 2021. Indirect wealth luck is highest during 7th and 9th lunar months, so keep an active lookout for speculative investment and money-making opportunities.


The presence of two inauspicious disaster stars means that you need to make health your top priority. Those in dangerous high risk jobs need to be extra vigilant at work. Take heed of road safety and go for regular health checks. Blood sugar, digestive issues and gynecological illnesses are your top concern. Consider doing good deeds like donating blood to improve your health luck and wellbeing.


2021 is a year of ups and downs for your love life. Those who are single can expect to meet possible romantic interests but may experience difficulties in formalizing the relationship. For married couples, tolerance should be practiced as there may be more frequent disagreements. Consider adding a family portrait for family harmony in the northeast direction of your living room.

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