2021 Pig Zodiac Forecast


Lucky Number:

Success is yours in 2021! Benefactors will lend you a helping hand and you will advance professionally. Entrepreneurs in the digital technology industry will be graced with pioneering ideas, hone your leadership skills and guide younger employees for rapid business growth. Students will have razor sharp focus this year and academic success is in sight.


It will be a year of abundance, you will have better sales, higher income, and larger commissions. Prosperous stars will give you a luck boost but avoid putting all your eggs in one basket. Be careful when diving into new investments or risky joint ventures to prevent wealth leakage. This year, save up and boost you financial rewards with a Yellow Agate bracelet.


Health wise, there will not be any major hindrances. Avoid sugary food items and try to get ample rest as you will be busier with work. Sleep deprivation will lead to eye problems, poor mental health, and bad blood pressure affecting your gains. Stress management is crucial; consider participating in meditation, yoga and more social activities to attain a regular work-life balance.


Love is in the air! Singles will meet potential partners but be careful not to fall prey to sweet nothings. In 2021, cherish your spouse and spend more time to grow each other’s love tank. Married couples should act responsibly and avoid putting themselves in compromising situations. A Feng Shui audit is necessary if the centre of your house happens to be the washroom.

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