2021 Rabbit Zodiac Forecast


Lucky Number:

Career wise, 2021 will be a laborious year for you. Working individuals will experience sabotages and disputes. This year, you will yearn to make a drastic career shift, however it is not recommended. Instead, don’t gossip, be a team player, a problem solver and not a complainer. Students will face academic roadblocks, avoid procrastinating and implement a weekly timetable to be on track.


General wealth outlook this year is average. Adhere to a budget plan and avoid frivolous spending. It is not a good year for business owners to expand into a new industry. A tough year for start-ups, you need to keep your primary business up to date with the current trends by rectifying non-productive marketing strategies. Create your own luck through hard work and do not pin your hopes on lottery.


The hazardous disaster star will pose several threats to your health and wellbeing. Do not underestimate the severity of any minor health symptoms. Attend all regular health checkups, curb unhealthy habits such as smoking and cultivate stronger heart health by doing cardiovascular exercises. Add crystals to your home or wear a black obsidian crystal bracelet for protection against poor health.


The inauspicious stars in the love palace causes a collective downward shift in romantic luck. Couples will confront each other frequently over trivial matters; calm the storm by giving your partner space and practicing tolerance. The absence of love luck does not mean zero success for those who are single. Try experimenting with different looks and keep a positive lookout as there is still a chance to meet someone you like.

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