2021 Tiger Zodiac Forecast


Lucky Number:

Career wise, 2021 is a tough year for employees and business owners. At the workplace, there will be many times where you feel your efforts are in vain, aim for stability and find allies to help you tide through this period. Business owners need to actively reassess their marketing strategies to stay competitive. Academic achievements of your choice will be difficult even with extra revision for students. You will have to steer clear from all kinds of distractions to make some noteworthy progress.


Welcome double prosperity for those born in the year of the Tiger, enjoy great financial luck as lucky stars are shining on your wealth sector. Make use of your enhanced windfall luck by investing smartly in projects that yield possible high returns! This year is especially profitable for those in sales and IT industry. Do not be influenced by your desires and avoid making hasty decisions that may put you in an undesirable financial situation.


Be careful with your health this year, minor issues might crop up uninvited. You may feel mentally suppressed or even depressed. Consider joining a yoga class or signing a spa package to improve your mental health. Lack of restful sleep as a result of stress will cause migraines and poor blood circulation, wearing clear quartz on your left hand can harmonize your chakra and bring your body into balance.


Congratulations; those born in the year of the Tiger can expect love to blossom this year! Singles will be able to meet someone new with whom you can start building a fruitful relationship. Romantic pastel shades of pink and green are your lucky colours! Due to your popularity, married individuals should avoid excessive socializing to avoid putting themselves in questionable situations. Instead, look out for benefactors of the opposite sex in the professional sphere to help excel your career.

Lucky Colours: Blue, Orange, Pink, Green
Auspicious Directions: South, Southwest, West, Northwest
Auspicious Crystals: Clear Quartz, Blue Crystal, Che Qu

Recommended Bracelets for Year 2021

Courage Amazonite Eagle Bracelet
Victory Phoenix Amethyst Bracelet
Blaze Yellow Tiger’s Eye Pegasus Bracelet
Legacy Pi Xiu Sunstone Bracelet
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