Testimonial Master: Master Hsieh


Testimonial Master: Master Hsieh

Chen Qiwen Chris

I would like to recommend Master Hsieh, she is very friendly and approachable. She explains the Zi Wei Dou Shu in details. Will definitely recommend her to my friends and families.


Thank you 缘中秀 for the advice and seeing me through some of my most difficult and challenging times, so that I can . My mother brought there and subsequently I was recommended to see Master P §F #t and his Consultant Amanda about 10 years ago for Master Cheng. Since then, they have been there …

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Lilian Lim

As the new year is approaching, I went to 缘中秀风水命理(四马路) at Fortune Center to see Master Hsieh Pei Chen. She was professional, approachable and very knowledgeable in 紫微斗数.Her analysis and predictions on my life palaces were accurate and very useful to my daily life management and business, to increase sales and income, as well as …

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Lynx Tan

My experience with Master Hsieh was great. I am impressed by her predictions and good insights. Will definitely recommend her to my friends.

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