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Designed with purpose and expertly crafted, our team of Feng Shui experts individually hand-select only the finest quality products that augment your surroundings and infuse positivity into your life.

2021 Zodiac Bracelets (Bundle of 4)

2021 Zodiac Bracelet (Bundle of 5)

Stella Strawberry Pi Xiu Bracelet

Stellar Gold Pi Xiu Bracelet

Mighty Black Obsidian Pi Xiu Set

Kun Lun Hong Pendant (Pink)

Kun Lun Hong Pendant (Yellow)

Success Red Agate Pi Xiu Bracelet

Royal Pi Xiu Che Qu Bracelet

Glory Blue Sandstone Pi Xiu Bracelet


A message from
our founder

We value each and every one of our customers and cannot express our gratitude enough for your ongoing support and trust.

It is our pleasure to be of service to you.

Thank you for your feedback and reviews!


The feedback we receive from our customers is highly appreciated and will help us to improve our ability to serve. It is a driving force and motivation for us to continue to grow, excel and deliver the best customer experience.
For Grand Master Hillary Phang

I’ve been following Yuan Zhong Siu for the past 9 years. Every year I will seek advices from Grand Master Phang on Feng Shui recommendations of my house and personal luck cycle.

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by Mr Zhuo
For Grand Master Hillary Phang and Master Vion

Hi, Im Ms Zhuang, over these years we are extremely grateful to Grand Master Phang and Master Vion from Nex. Master Phang had given us plentiful of recommendations on Feng Shui, and Master Vion relentless effort in your help which instills confidences in us at the same time improve our family luck and fortune.

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by Ms Zhuang
For Master Ang

Through Ann’s recommendations, we engage Master Ang’s Feng Shui service. Through Master Ang’s Feng Shui recommendations, we realized that our house’s wealth position and secondary wealth position are missing which leads to our inability to accumulate wealth. We followed Master Ang’s advices and our situation improves.

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by Ms Peh
For Master Emily

Hi I am Ms Choo. I was recommended by my relatives on Yuan Zhong Siu’s services. From my relatives, I understand the importance of Feng Shui and luck cycle. Through the masters’ recommendations, it helped me to enhance all aspects of my life.

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by Ms Choo

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