Sook Kuen | Yuan Zhong Siu


Sook Kuen

I first got to know Master Emily and Venna in 20150 2015 was at my lowest point. I was having financial difficulties and there were a lot of conflicts at work. I still remember I was doing shopping then and I came across Yuan Zhong Siu. Since I weren’t happy with my life, I decided to walk into the shop and make appointment to understand my astrology. My deep impression of Master Emily, she was very patience and explained clearly to me of my situation then and how I could change it. Venna was very encouraging and not pushy. It has been 6 years, without fail I will see both of them yearly to understand and improve my situation. And during the year, if I encounter any challenges I would seek help and advise from them so not to make any wrong decision. Now I am happier now and my life has also improved a lot. Thanks a lot.

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