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What to look for in Residential Feng Shui?

Wealth Position:

The wealth position does more than attract wealth. After the dragon vein (water position) has invoked the earth spirits, the residence uses the wealth position to hold the earth spirits. This will improve family fortune and strengthen the foundation of your family, ensuring that your children will contribute to the upkeep and prosperity of the household, and not squander your wealth away.

Water Position:

Also known as the “vein of the dragon”. The water position serves to invoke the spirits of the earth
hence boosting family fortune and harmony while quelling disasters and negative forces. The strength
of the water position, and whether or not it is auspicious, has a direct impact on the misfortune, luck,
danger and woe that may befall a residence.

Minor Fortune Position:

This controls the fortune of unexpected wealth. A static arrangement is preferred over movement here.

Wen Chang Position:

This is also the Guan Lu position. For the master of the household, the Wen Chang position will help
boost his authority, to be clear of his goals and be successful at work. For children, the Wen Chang
position will help them stay focused, improve intelligence allowing them to excel in their studies.

Secondary Wealth Position:

Also known as the ‘boss position’. This determines whether one can set up his own business and be his become his own boss.

Inauspicious Position:

These are positions that will have a negative impact on the health, career and fortune of the family
members. Inauspicious positions include: Wall corners, clashes in Feng Shui elements in the residence, and negative sources of energy in and around the residence. If these problems are addressed properly, it will stabilize the residence, improve the health of family members, and assist one’s career while minimizing unexpected disasters.

Stove Position:

The stove represents the source that nourishes life, as all living things need food and water. If the
kitchen is well ventilated, is neither too big nor too small, is balanced in yin and yang, and is neat and
clean, it will be a great boost to the health of the family, the relationship of the development of the family’s fortune.

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