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Almighty Protection Emblem

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The Almighty Protection Emblem is capable of resolving all kinds of environmental clash problems and negativities. Unique to Yuan Zhong Siu, item is exclusive and purified by Grand Master Phang before we dispatch them. Emblems are activated to protect the household or office site. Each emblem contains powerful scriptures (咒语) that acts like a gigantic umbrella shield to protect the residents from all harms caused by destructive ‘sha’ energies in the environment.

Item can be used for home and/or office.

  • Neutralize negative energies caused by door clashes/inauspicious Feng Shui orientation
  • Dissolve destructive clash in energies caused by environmental ‘sha’ (example light invasion or ‘poison arrows’ by building edges)
  • Diffuse conflicts, disagreements and tension between household members or office colleagues
  • Enhance interpersonal relationships and improve communication with others
  • Optimize and usher in positive energy flow for good health
  • To get rid of unwanted love advances and to get a boost in your overall luck

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Size: 3.5cm (L) x 3.5cm (H)
*See photos for placement of Almighty Protection Emblem
**Note: Each set contains 6 emblems

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  • 泄烂桃花,化孤辰,得势得力,运转乾坤,带旺行运
  • 化解天地之中的邪气,阴煞和凶煞星的刑冲迫害
  • 帮助家庭子息的八字刑冲的问题


  • Main Door (To be pasted behind the door, on the door frame)
  • Toilet (To be pasted inside the toilet door, on the door frame)
  • Your own bedroom or Kid’s Bedroom (To be pasted behind the door, on the door frame)
  • Beneath Work Desk
  • Metal area of your Car Boot (for safe travels)

(Optional) – Auspicious Timing to Place Emblems 吉时安置 : 7-9am
*Note: Emblems come with a transparent casing. Remove casing before pasting.

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