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Amora Love Kunzite - Earring & Necklace


Our Amora Love necklace features the premium Kunzite crystal. Kunzite is known for inspiring joyful wisdom from within. Wear this to awake your inner confidence, trust your instincts to stay on the right track and become the best version of yourself.
Boost your benefactor’s luck to get help from all directions for swift success.
Discharge all insecure feelings and negative thoughts to find true happiness and higher love.
Enhance communication for clear precise speech to improve your likability and rise up the career hierarchy.

✨ Promotion only while stocks last. Item comes in a marble box, great as gift!

! Care tip
: store item in an air-tight container to keep its shine!


Featured Crystal

  • Amplify your inner confidence and uncover a charming personality to gain popularity
  • Overcome procrastination and attract mentors for guidance towards career & money success
  • Lift your mood, heal emotional wounds and beneficial for healing migraine and mood swing
  • Enhance your self-expression and creativity while keeping you safe
  • 协和的宝石,能增加沟通协调能力
  • 做事积极上进,财富旺
  • 身心和谐,摆脱精神紧张
  • 可当护身符,保平安
Product Specifications

Necklace – Kunzite (10 mm) , 925 Silver Chain (22cm)
Earring – Kunzite (8 mm), Silver Plated

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