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Apollo Red Tiger's Eye Protection Bracelet

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Success. Fearlessness. Charisma. Positivity.

  • Apollo was a Greek god of almost everything; unleash hidden potential to conquer anything you set your heart into and live your best life
  • Exude charisma and overcome any insecurities to improve your relationship
  • For revitalized energy and enhanced immunity for prime productivity

虎啸龙吟澄月光 (灵佑) 手链

  • 提升鸿运,增进财气
  • 增强异性缘,成就美好姻缘
  • 改善健康,缓解焦躁,加强勇气及自信
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  • Gold Ingot x2
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  • Crystal Degaussing Bowl
  • Wealth Pi Xiu Keychain
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Crystal size: 12mm
*See below for crystal descriptions and for more details

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Your Essential Power Protector

Qian Shou Guan Yin (千手观音) Da Ri Ru Lai (大日如来) A Mi Tuo Fo (阿弥陀佛)
  • Repel negative energies for great health and aid in emotional healing
  • Bring strength, protection and victory in your endeavours
  • Stabilise career foundation, build resilience and achieve success
  • 疾病远离,平安祥瑞
  • 正面能量,巩固事业
  • 开启光明,消除障碍,提升开创和执行力
  • Bring wisdom and clarity to overcome challenges with ease
  • Tap into your inner talents and manifest your dreams
  • Provide grounding energy to help you feel centered and uplifted to achieve your life goals
  • 开启智慧大门,破除障碍
  • 调整心态,平步青云
  • 开展才华,大展鸿图,成就事业
  • For protection, decisiveness, harmony and emotional healing
  • Attract benefactors from all directions for success in life
  • Avert disasters and turn misfortunes into blessings
  • 得天乙贵人,功成名就
  • 增加智慧,提高判断力
  • 消减业障,免除灾祸,逢凶化吉

Featured Crystals

Red Tiger’s Eye (12mm)
红虎眼 (12mm)
  • Eliminate fear, induce tenacity to unlock full hidden potential and bring prosperity
  • Instil authority and enhance personal power for influential leadership skills
  • Enhance immunity, metabolism and blood circulation for prime productivity
      • 调节健康,促进血液循环,改善皮肤问题
      • 对应太阳轮,给人勇气及自信,事业有所突破,愿望成真
      • 能发挥王者力量,说话具有说服性,能带领属下,达成目标
Orange Moonstone (12mm)
橙月光 (12mm)
  • Associated with healing of the heart; help to stabilize emotion, relieve anxiety and stress, keeping the wearer peaceful
  • Promote inner growth, improve interpersonal relationships while attracting success and good fortune in love and business matters
  • Boost self-image, release resentment and promote mental wellness
  • 缓解焦虑情绪,促进心境平和,热忱开朗
  • 强化爱的能量,触发感情欲望,携手相恋
  • 促进活力,提升做事的干劲,凡事积极进取

Grand Master Phang’s recommendation based on 2022 Zodiac Forecast
  Rat – Qian Shou Guan Yin*
  Goat – Da Ri Ru Lai
  Pig – A Mi Tuo Fo*
(Not limited to these zodiac signs)
*Same symbol
   鼠 – 千手观音*
   羊 – 大日如来
   猪 – 阿弥陀佛*
(其他生肖也可佩戴 )
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Bracelet Size

Match according to your wrist size (FREE One-time Size alteration)

XS 12.5~13.4cm
S 13.5~14.4cm
M 14.5~15.4cm
L 15.5~16.4cm
XL 16.5~17.4cm
2XL 17.5~18.4cm
3XL 18.5~19.4cm

Alternatively, you may select based on your usual apparel size. Our bracelets are designed to also match your clothing size!

*Note: Additional charges will apply for individuals with wrist circumference 20cm and above.
**Due to the nature of crystals and Liu Li, difference in colour and tones of the individual pieces are not considered a defect.

Crystal Care
Do not wear to shower Do not wear to shower
Not recommended to wear to sleep Not recommended to wear to sleep
Not recommended to wear to sleep Re-energize it with Wealth Enhancing Purifying Water

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