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Wealth Enhancing Purifying Water

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💦Wealth Enhancing Purifying Water 晶鸿能量水 (Capacity: 120ml)
 (U.P. $38/bottle) – See below for details on how to use our Purifying Water

  • Use it to get rid of stale energies in your drawer, store-room, wardrobe, etc.
  • Re-energize & re-charge all your crystal items with a spritz from the bottle.

* Self-Collection (Chinatown, Fortune Centre and Serangoon Central)
** Top-up required for NinjaVan Door Step Delivery.

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How to use our💦 Wealth Enhancing Purifying Water:
✨ Feng Shui is about harnessing good chi. The purifying water is used to get rid of stale energies. After cleaning any area (i.e. your cabinet/drawer/room/house/office), you can spritz the water a couple of times to that area. Wipe dry after spraying.
*Note – When using the bottle, remember to open the windows/door to allow bad chi (i.e. stale energy) to escape.

✨Re-charge your crystals or Liu Li (琉璃) items
You no longer have to bring your items to our shop for cleansing/re-purification. Do it yourself : Spritz the water on your crystal bracelets and then wipe away the droplets. You can do it every night.
Spritz the Wealth Enhancing Purifying Water on your crystal items or Liu Li (琉璃) ornaments at home/office to re-energize it every now and then. Then, proceed to use a dry cloth to wipe the ornaments.


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