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Emblem of Divine Protection

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Great for boosting karma and accumulating good blessings.

  • Attract good blessings and activate beneficial energies for enhanced career success.
  • Enhance family harmony, encourage filial piety and prevent rebellious behavior from children.
  • Improve karma and enhance fertility.
  • Stabilize family luck and encourage children’s good behaviors.
  • Improve family bonds by replacing anger and hard feelings with love.

Size: 5.5cm (L) x 5.5cm (H)
Note: Each set contains 3 emblems

*See below for Chinese descriptions and for more details
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Where to Place

Place emblems inside pillow.


  • 增福报,儿女孝顺,子息兴旺
  • 助家运,帮助家宅添顶添喜
  • 消除负能量,强化元神,旺事业,助行运
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