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Emblem of Royal Dragon and Phoenix

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Builds stable foundation to safeguard happiness and protects marriage happiness. Keep the lines of communication open and nurture a harmonious environment.

  • Symbol of ever-lasting happiness and stable marriage
  • Mitigate bazi clashes between couple
  • A balance of yin & yang which draws in marital harmonious energies
  • Find peace, harmony and happiness for the household
  • For a loving marriage. Mitigate relationship clashes and prevent conflicts
  • Usher in positive marital harmonious energies to have a nurturing relationship

Size: 4cm (L) x 4cm (H)
Note: Each set contains 4 emblems

*See below for Chinese descriptions and for more details
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Where to Place

Place any 2 emblems in a red packet and put under your pillowcase. Place the remaining 2 emblems in another red packet and put under your spouse’s pillowcase.


  • 腾龙在天,凤凰于飞:寓意心有灵犀,家和万事兴
  • 可化解夫妻刑冲、刑克、同床异梦;使阴阳调和,夫妻生活和谐
  • 夫妻日月同宫,有刑冲,可化解
  • 旺宅安乐,家和万事兴
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