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Feng Shui Audit Service by Master Ang


Feng Shui helps you leverage on the energies of the surroundings to help you live your best life. It is the art of creating a harmonious environment to enhance your productivity, improve your relationships, invite success, and attract wealth. This Feng Shui audit is an on-site service by popular Geomancer Master Ang.
8 Benefits of using Feng Shui
  • Boost your business, wealth and luck
  • Have a conducive space to enhance productivity, focus and creativity
  • Improve your well-being and overall health
  • Find love for singles
  • Build a nurturing space to enhance your relationship with your spouse and/or children
  • Attain career stability, breakthrough and advancement opportunities
  • Invite prosperity, abundance and manifest your inner desires
  • Expand your social connections and influence
*Note: To proceed for booking, checkout for this service, price is determined according to your house type and size. Fill up your contact number accurately in the billing details section. Our dedicated service representative will be in contact with you within 1-2 working days to assist in the appointment making. Submit your birth information and floor plan thereafter.

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About Geomancer Master Ang :

Geomancer Master Ang is a renowned Geomancer and Zi Wei Life Destiny Astrology Master in Singapore. With more than 25 years of experience in Yuan Zhong Siu, he is known for his highly accurate analysis and proficiency in Feng Shui and astrology. To date, Master Ang has served countless satisfied customers. His clientele includes high-ranking government officers, corporate leaders, lawyers, and families, seeking solutions to their life issues. With his attention to detail and his wealth of knowledge, Master Ang is well-respected by his customers.

洪文顺师傅是新加坡著名的风水命理师,精通紫微斗数、八字、易经和风水堪舆,拥有二十多年的丰富经验。洪师傅擅长居家和企业风水, 是多家房地产楼盘钦点的驻站风水师傅。他也常受邀到房地产、金融企业和大专学府主讲授课; 主题涵盖命理风水、职场文化、理财之道、企业规划等, 皆获得好评。多年来洪师傅凭借着敏锐精准的命理见解, 至今已为无数名客户开运解难, 获得广泛的赞誉和尊重 。

Professional On-site Feng Shui Visit from Yuan Zhong Siu will include

格局分析 A detailed layout analysis of your premise, we will help you identify the positions as listed below:

财位: 财位的作用除了招财,也是因为龙脉(水位)引申了地灵之后,家居就是利用财位纳地灵,使得家运可以兴旺,加强家运的根基及地利,使得子女可以持家、旺家。

Wealth Position : The wealth position does more than attract wealth. After the dragon vein (water position) has invoked the earth spirits, the residence uses the wealth position to hold the earth spirits. This will enhance family harmony and help build a stable foundation of your family fortune. By doing so, it ensures that your children will contribute to the upkeep and prosperity of the household, and not squander your wealth.

水位 : 也称为龙脉。水位的作用就是引申地灵,这可以使得家运兴旺、家庭和顺,消灾化煞。水位的气强、弱、吉或凶都直接影响住户的运势。

Water / Harmony Position : Also know as the “vein of the dragon”. The water position serves to invoke the spirits of the earth, and this can boost family fortune and harmony, quell disasters and dispel negative forces. The water position has a direct impact on affecting the fortune, luck and woe that may befall the residents in a development.

Our professional Feng Shui Master will help you identify this location within your unit and maximize its beneficial energies.

小吉方位 : 掌管横财的运数。整理宜静不宜动。

Minor Fortune Position : This sector is associated with your outcome in speculative investment. Activate this sector for a boost in your indirect wealth and/or speculative investments.

文昌位 : 也是官禄位。文昌位的作用是可以使得主人的主心稳定、目标明确。谋事定心,立业能成。子女的学习可以定心,开启智慧,学业能成。

Wen Chang Position : This is also the Career position. For the owner of the household, strengthen the Wen Chang position can help boost his authority, allow him to be clear of his goals and be successful at work. For children, the activation of the Wen Chang position will help them stay focused, reduce distractions, enhance their intelligence and allow them to excel in their studies.

副财位: 又称为老板位。关系到是否可以创业和当老板。

Secondary Wealth Position / Boss Position : Also known as the ‘boss position’. This position influences your enterprising skills and affects your entrepreneurial journey.

煞位(凶位): 对家人的健康、事业、财运会有不利影响的方位。煞位的例子:缺角问题,宅的对立问题,形煞的问题等等。煞位的处理如果得宜,能够镇宅,使全家身体健康,事业平顺以及减少无妄之灾。

Inauspicious Position: These are positions that will have a negative impact on the health, career and well-being of the family members. Problems arising from inauspicious positions include – protruding wall corners, clashes in fengshui elements in the residence, and negative sources of energy in and around the residence. If these problems are addressed properly, this will stabilise the energy flow, improve the health of family members, boost one’s career luck and minimise unexpected disasters.

灶头 :灶,乃养命之源,万物皆由饮食而得。如果一间屋子有一个通风良好,大小适宜、阴阳协调、整齐干净的厨房,对家人的健康、夫妻的感情、家运的发展都会有很大的帮助。

Stove Position :The stove represents the source that nourishes life, as all living things need food and water. If a residence’s kitchen is well ventilated and of an ideal size, it will be a great boost to the health of the family and can positively influence the growth of the family’s fortune. Additionally, the area must have balanced yin and yang energies, and is neat and clean.

全面分析 A comprehensive analysis of the site, which we will recommend

  • 床位摆设,起床方向 The ideal Bed Position and Direction of the Headboard
  • 建议五行吉祥用色 Auspicious Colors for your walls based on Five Elements Principles
  • 改造,增运化煞法 We will teach you ways to maximize prosperity and mitigate negative influences
  • 建议改良草图 We will give you recommendations based on areas of improvement.

酬外免费赠送服务:(1)择日动土,(2) 择日安床,(3) 择日入宅
Additional FREE Services: Selection of Auspicious Dates for (1) Commencement of Construction/Renovation Work, (2) Setting of Bed and (3) Date for Moving In

  • The Feng Shui audit is a one-time visit only
  • Feng Shui is not religious or superstitious because it does not require a faith and is not supernatural


  • Floor plan of the house (with compass direction)
  • Birth time & date of household occupants / shareholders


  • 住家平面图+家居方向
  • 家居风水 – 住家成员的 出生日期和时间
  • 商业风水 – 公司股东的 出生日期和时间

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