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Geomancer Master Ang

Master Ang Boon Soon is a recognized expert in both fields of Emperor Star Astrology and Geomancy. Through the years, many families, corporate leaders, high ranking government officers in Singapore have sought Master Ang out for his professional consultation on geomantic issues. For years, Master Ang has become a prominent icon in the field of Chinese Astrology and Geomancy, mainly due to his exquisite assessment in fortune analysis and geomantic prediction. He has won many favorable reviews and earned the trust and respect of many.

Master Ang
We have recently engaged Master Ang for home fengshui consultation and it was a very pleasant experience ...
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by Han Ying
For Master Ang
Through Ann’s recommendations, we engage Master Ang’s Feng Shui service. Through Master Ang’s Feng Shui recommendations, we realized that our house’s wealth position and secondary wealth position are missing which leads to our inability to accumulate wealth. We followed Master Ang’s advices and our situation improves.
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by Ms Peh
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