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Ice Obsidian Guardian Amulet (Horse Zodiac)


🛡️ 大势至菩萨 [Da Shi Zhi Pu Sa] 🛡️ MhaSthamaprapta

The guardian of the Horse zodiac is MhaSthamaprapta.
MhaSthamaprapta is known as the Bodhisattva of Strength and Vigor as well as the One whose wisdom and power reaches everywhere. In Chinese Buddhism, this Guardian is known to have a similar appearance to the Goddess of Mercy Guan Yin.

Wearing your Guardian amulet close to you not only protects you from harm, it also brings wealth luck and promote smooth and ideal life endeavors. If you need a boost to realize your dreams and potential, this is recommended.

Amulet Dimensions: 3cm(L) X 5.3cm(H)
Necklace with Adjustable Length: Minimum Length – 31cm, Maximum Length – 39cm

*See below for Chinese description

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冰曜石八大守护神吊坠 – 马


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