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Number Analysis Service by Master Jin

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A face-to-face consultation session with Master Jin to analyze any one set of numbers from you. In the 20-minute session, you’ll get to find out the cosmic energy vibration of this number and how it is affecting your wealth, health, career and love.

  • Information needed: Your name, gender, job occupation, marital status and one set of number that you wish to analyze (e.g. HP, car plate, unit number)
  • Prior appointment needed. The session will be conducted at 190 Middle Road #18-03 Fortune Centre S(188797)
  • First come first served basis. Cart out and you will receive an order number. Our team member will be in contact with you within 36 hours to help you make an appointment with Master Jin

Master Jin is the best numerology master in Yuan Zhong Siu. With many years of experience, he has helped numerous clients to understand the energies of the numbers that they are using. Tap into the power of numerology and let Master Jin help guide you to greater success.

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