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Selection of Auspicious Date and Time for Cesarean Birth by Grand Master Phang


Instead of leaving it to chance, why not pick the most favorable birth information for your baby? Grand Master Phang will avoid conflicting energies and pick the best possible bazi that blesses the career, relationship, wealth and health attributes for your beloved baby.



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What is Date Selection?

Date Selection is a practice carried out by Chinese astrologers where the most auspicious date and timing is picked to minimize unpleasant obstacles and to attract positive energies for success. We aspire to help our clients pick the most ideal date to congregate positive energies for the most favorable outcome. A good auspicious date is essential and important for any endeavor in our life. This practice is now carried out everywhere in the world.

Benefits of Date Selection:

  • Doing the right thing at the right time and achieve favorable outcomes
  • Increase chances of success for the activity
  • Minimize unpleasant obstacles and avoid days with inauspicious energies

Information Needed:

  1. Full names of parents
  2. Birth information of parents in the format of DD/MM/YYYY and Birth Time (According to the birth certificate and the Gregorian calendar)
  3. Child’s gender and birth order (i.e. first, second or third child)
  4. Child’s country of birth
  5. Expected range of delivery dates specified by the doctor (typically within a two-week timeframe)
  6. Level of cooperation by doctor: Doctor’s availability, preferred timing, time to avoid and any additional important information we should be made aware of.

Our report will be based on the timeframe provided above. If there are any changes to the timeframe, a new set of service fees will be imposed.

Package includes:

  • 1 X auspicious date and time for Caesarean Section with the recommended destiny chart for your baby by Grand Master Phang
  • 1 X in-person consultation with Grand Master Phang (20-min) (* We recommend scheduling this consultation session after your baby’s arrival)
  • The face-to-face consultation will include the key pointers of your baby’s Zi Wei Dou Shu (Ba Zi) Life Chart by Grand Master Phang (e.g. characteristics (格局), auspicious colour(s), suitable career path, health considerations, recommended bed direction, and more)
  • Your baby’s personalized Zi Wei Dou Shu (Ba Zi) life chart will be printed and given to you for future reference
  • If you reside overseas (outside of Singapore), a video call can be arranged
    Note: For additional appointment with Grand Master Phang, additional surcharge applies

The Auspicious date for Caesarean Section report will be ready in 10 working days (upon submission of complete information)

Terms and Conditions:

In the event that you have already had a consultation with Grand Master Phang and find it necessary to schedule another session, additional fees apply. You have the option to pay an additional fee for an in-person consultation with our esteemed Outlet Master or Grand Master Phang (different rates may apply).


  • 宝宝父母的姓名和生辰八字(年、月、日、时)
  • 宝宝的性别、家中排行(第几胎)
  • 医生指定的预产期/手术期、出生地(国家/区域)
  • 医生的配合度:任何时间/指定的时间/需要避免的时间(以14天为准)

* 建议准父母可以在怀孕超过32周后,再与医生沟通并安排手术时间,这样手术期的范围就不会有太大的落差。


  • 彭松華大师将给予 1个 剖腹产子的良辰吉日
  • 订购择日剖腹产子服务的顾客只有一次机会与彭松華大师见面。彭大师将亲自为您讲解宝宝的紫微命盘,并分析宝宝各方面的情况(建议将预约安排在宝宝出生后)
  • 彭大师将根据剖腹产子日子的紫微命盘,分析宝宝各方面的情况,如:宝宝的性格、福德、喜用色、未来事业发展、学习能力、健康、亲子关系等
  • 在指定预产期/手术期的范围期限(以14天为准),彭大师提供的第一个日子和时间是最佳的选择。如果医院方面无法配合彭大师批算的第一个日子和时间,彭大师才会给予第二个剖腹产子的日子和时间
  • 如果需要彭松華大师提供第二个剖腹产的日期和时间,必须与之前指定的预产期/手术期范围相同。如果准父母要求的第二个手术期与第一次提供的范围有差异,将会额外收取服务费用
  • 择日剖腹产子报告在收到完整正确信息后的10个工作日(不包括周六,周日和公共假期)完成
  • 若您在宝宝出生前已经与彭松華大师见面,但是宝宝没有在选择的日子/时间出生,您可以再付费预约彭松華大师/缘中秀分店师傅的紫微斗数论命服务,为您分析宝宝的性格、未来发展等等


Q: How does this service work?
Selecting an auspicious C-section date is a complex process. Grand Master Phang meticulously calculates every possible date and time combination within the range provided by the doctor to determine the auspicious date and time for your procedure. These dates are not solely based on the Tong Shu (Chinese Almanac).

Q: Why should we choose Yuan Zhong Siu for this service?
With over 30 years of experience, Grand Master Phang is renowned as the most esteemed Feng Shui Master in Asia. Having assisted over 10,000 families with family planning and Zi Wei Dou Shu/Ba Zi analysis, his expertise is unparalleled. Given the intricate nature of selecting an auspicious date, it is advisable to seek the guidance of an experienced astrology Master.

Q: When should I book for this service?
We recommend booking the service after 32 weeks of pregnancy and when you have confirmed your expected delivery date (EDD) with your Gynae.

Q: What is the refund policy?
We regret to inform that once payment is made, the service is non-refundable. We encourage you to speak to our team of specialist before carting out.

Q: I have questions about the service, how can I receive assistance?
Please email us at with your questions, your name, and contact number. Our friendly team will respond to you via WhatsApp within 1-2 working days.

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