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Tai Yin Cinnabar Emblem

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Nurtures matriarchal authority for ultimate household harmony. Contains red cinnabar, an auspicious material filled with powerful light energies for constant clearing of negative energies.


  • Removes resistance for cooperative communication and balance dynamics for peaceful relationships
  • Neutralize family clashes, enhances compassion and empathy to create a thriving conflict-free home
  • Exemplifies respect for females in the household for order and increase prosperity flow

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Size: 4.4cm (L) x 4.4cm (H)
*Note: Each set contains 3 emblems

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  • 朱砂成福,能量磁场强大,可趋吉避凶
  • 助女性持家有道、治家有方,旺夫纳福,维护家运


  • Place emblems beneath kitchen stove
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