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The Five Guardians Emblem

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The powerful combination of the 5 Guardians brings stability and protection to your office/home. Balances the 5 elements of any space.


  • Xuan Wu (Protector of the North) – Represents wealth and success. Clears obstacles and aid in your accumulation of wealth & abundance.
  • Vermilion Phoenix (Protector of the South) – Represents hope, passion, creativity & helps boost your luck.
  • Azure Dragon (Protector of the East) – Represents blessings of all directions; enables you to enjoy vitality, authority & prosperity.
  • White Tiger (Protector of the West) – Represents divine protection: it is a celestial protector and defender against toxic energies. Helps guards against opponents and allow you to attain success in all your ventures.
  • Qi Lin (Protector of the Central Area) – Congregate and amplify the benefits of all guardians. Allowing you to reap the benefits of harmony wherever you go.

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Size: 4cm (L) x 4cm (H)
*Note: Each set contains 5 emblems

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