Testimonial Master: Geomancer Master Ang


Testimonial Master: Geomancer Master Ang


Highly recommended. Excellent consultation with Master Ang on Zi Wei Dou Shu. What’s he had said was true and did happen to me and he had given me good advice and really helped me!


I was recommended by my friend to visit Chinatown branch to have my emperor star reading (Zi Wei Dou Shu) a few days ago. First time to meet Master Ang I was very surprised my reading very accurate! ! Before I went there I nearly lost my way and lost my self confident to deal …

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Was in search for a new house recently and got a recommendation from a friend on Yuan Zhong Siu Feng Shui’s service. Master Ang came across as someone who is humorous and friendly. I was very impressed with Master Ang’s knowledge and his services in helping me to search for an ideal unit as well …

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This is the 3rd year we engaged Master Ang Boon Soon for our house Feng Shui review. Master Ang gives proper Feng Shui guidance for us to minimize the Sha Qi found in the house, to gain harmonious and to improve the relationship of my family (which is my biggest concern). Thank you Master Ang …

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Was moving to new house soon so my friend recommend me about Master Ang from Yuan Zhong Siu on FengShui. He is really experienced and gave us a lot of suggestions which helps us to increase home harmonious. Now, I really happy with it and HOME SWEET HOME! 🙂

Mrs Chia

Master Ang is so spot on. His advice for me to watch out for legal issues in the lunar 2nd month really happened. Thanks to it, I am more mindful when dealing with it. Everything came out fine so far. Have been engaging him for almost 8 or 9 years now, from last time at …

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Jessica Lim

Master Ang is a master that I will definitely go to – in terms of the 紫微斗数 and 风水. His reading is so accurate and I’m very amazed. After adopting his Feng Shui suggestions, I feel that my house is more harmonious than before. Venna is a super helpful person. I always rely on her …

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Chan Lay Kock

Master Ang is very patient in addressing all the questions and concerns we have during the consultation on our home’s Feng Shui. His recommendations for mitigating problem areas are practical. Our consultant has been very helpful in explaining the procedures to follow, observe and follow up with us closely in implementing the advice from Master …

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Han Ying

We have recently engaged Master Ang for home Feng Shui consultation and it was a very pleasant experience. Our consultant (from Chinatown) was also present on-site to take down all the advices given by Master Ang and a detailed report was given to us the next day. Consultant was really patient in answering all the …

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Ms Peh

Through Ann’s recommendations, we engage Master Ang’s Feng Shui service. Through Master Ang’s Feng Shui recommendations, we realized that our house’s wealth position and secondary wealth position are missing which leads to our inability to accumulate wealth. We followed Master Ang’s advices and our situation improves. A few years later, we seek Master Ang’s recommendations …

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