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William Tan

We first came across YZS in 2011 at a corporate Feng Shui talk. Like most young couples, we were sceptical about feng shui and do not place much attention on the importance of feng shui. However, after hearing the Feng Shui talk, it dawned on us that we need to seek professional advice on the design and furniture layouts for our new flat. We engaged Grand Master Hillary Phang in our home Fengshui service. He was very sincere in sharing his valuable knowledge with us and did a very thorough assessment of our house floor plan. In addition, he emphasised that we do not need to splurge on renovation and expensive furnitures. He was very practical in advising us on how to effectively spend our renovation funds to build essential installations and utilising the correct products at prominent positions for enhancing the five elements of the house and deriving the best benefits. With the assistance and support from his dedicated team of consultants, we were very satisfied with the precise summary report of the house design. We are confident and proud owners of our love nest, as the house has allowed us to live peacefully and protected us from negative elements. We strongly encourage new and existing home owners to seek advice from Yuan Zhong Siu for house Feng Shui service. Rest assured that you will reap huge tangible and intangible benefits more than investment outlay.

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