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2024: The Year of Strength – Embrace Your Inner Lion 🦁✨

article by Master Jacelyn Phang

2 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 8 (the Strength card)

2024 is marked by the Strength card in the Tarot deck. This powerful card symbolizes inner strength, courage, and resilience. As we are approaching the new year, let’s explore what the Strength card means for the months ahead and how you can use its energy to plan and strategize for success!

The Strength card depicts a woman gently taming a lion, representing the harmonious relationship between our inner and outer selves. In 2024, this card encourages us to channel our inner lion or lioness and face life’s challenges with unwavering confidence.

1. On Career: Embrace Your Passion 🔥

Just as the lion embodies fiery determination, this year urges you to pursue your passions relentlessly. Move away from away doubts or anxieties, this is the year to take bold actions. If you have been putting any passion project on hold, this year is time to make significant moves, set clear intentions, create vision boards, and take deliberate steps toward your ambitions!

In the face of adversities and challenges, refrain from using brute force or authority. Remember to remain optimistic and grow your grit.

2. On Love: Patience & Calm 🌿

Strength reminds us that true power lies in patience and calmness. In 2024, practice empathy, self-love and take things slow. You may have an opportunity to meet someone new, but this person may not be your typical ‘type’. Keep an open mind and you may just find a partner who is great for you!

As for those in a relationship, there may be some “undercurrent of unhappiness”. If something doesn’t feel right, do not ignore it. Trust your gut feelings, assess things clearly and stand your ground. Establishing healthy boundaries is essential for maintaining your strength and focus.

3. On Wealth: Building Connections & Embracing Risks 🤝

Strength is about building strong and lasting relationships. In 2024, take time to go out of your comfort zone and grow your network as the new friends may be your wealth benefactors. Identify and focus on the people who are willing to share their knowledge to support you.

To grow your wealth, there will be risk. However, you can learn to mitigate the risks by finding a mentor or having a strong support group to seek advice from. Together, amplify your collective strength, knowledge and achieve remarkable things.

4. On Everything Else: Stay Positive 🌈

Maintain a positive mindset. Remember that the Strength card is all about conquering challenges with grace. Focus on solutions, not problems. Have weekly dates with your loved ones to take a walk, tend to your garden or go hiking to reduce stress levels. Spending time in nature will do wonders for your mind and body!

All in all, this card reminds you that you are the master of your destiny. Believe in your strength to shape your life the way you desire.

I hope you are as excited as me for the Year of Strength!  But if you are still feeling lost or overwhelmed, perhaps a Tarot Reading session can help.

Your Number One Fan & Supporter,
Master Jacelyn Phang

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