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Energy Charging Card


Yuan Zhong Siu’s exclusive item.

Energy is the currency of the universe. It is easy to slip into self-doubt when things don’t go your way. Filled with high energy vibration, this card is useful to absorb the negative energies around you. Bring it along with you to balance your energies and change your luck for the better.

A multi-purpose card, this can also be used to re-charge your existing crystals or pendants. Place your crystal accessories on top of the card to constantly charge its power for maximum effects. One card per crystal item.

  • Promotion : 2 cards (or above) at $10 Nett/card
  • 1 card at $18 Nett

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  • Attract positive energy from the universe and dissolve your troubles
  • Balance your energies and protect yourself against harmful radiation from electronic devices, troublemakers and unkind individuals
  • Recharge your crystals to maximize their healing power

How to use the Energy Charging Card:

  1. Place this card in your HP casing to block harmful radiation from the phone
  2. Paste this card beneath your laptop to dissolve harmful radiation from the device
  3. Place card in your purse, handbag or wallet to protect you against betrayers and gossipers
  4. Place this card in your pillowcase to sleep better
  5. Place this card beneath your crystals or Liu Li (琉璃) items to keep them constantly energized and powerful. One card per item only.

Card will be purified and blessed by Grand Master Phang.

Size: 5cm(L) x 8cm(W)

Promotion - $10 per card for any purchase of 2 or more Zodiac Guardian Cards!
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