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Eternal Fortune Knot Hu Lu

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3 – in – 1 item with the Auspicious Good Luck Knot (吉祥结), Ancient 5 Copper Coins (五帝铜钱) and a protective Hu Lu (葫芦).

Protection. Health. Luck.

  • Usher in good blessings and attract wealth luck
  • Deflect negative environmental “sha” energies
    E.g. Sharp edges of the opposite building is pointed into your home
  • Prevents unexpected accidents
  • Hu Lu: Protect against unclean energies, imprison evil spirits & absorb the negativities from the Er Hei (二黑) & Wu Huang (五黄) yearly annual stars

Size: Hu Lu: 8cm(L) x 3.5cm(W) , 39cm (Total Length)
*See below for Chinese descriptions and for more details. 

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退光煞、声煞、磁波煞,化解刀刃血光之灾和流年凶星冲煞 。

  • 药铜葫芦 – 吸纳秽气,祛除病灾,转换负面能量,护家宅平安
  • 五帝铜钱 – 天圆地方,天地合力,广纳天地人之能量,可化煞辟邪,增添祥瑞之气
  • 吉祥结 – 吉祥如意,顺心顺意
  • 蝙蝠 – 洪福齐天,福气临门


Copper (纯铜)

Dimensions 8 × 3.5 × 39 cm

Copper (纯铜)

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