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Sakura Belle Fortune Cat with 3D Sakura Blooms (Large)


Limited Edition Collection
Fortune Cat is considered a good luck ornament, helping you attract wealth and prosperity. For store owners, display it at the entrance of the store to increase sales and business luck.

Wealth. Prosperity. Good Luck.

  • To attract prosperity and good opportunity, increase income and savings
  • Place at home to enhance wealth and happiness for your family
  • Place in office to attract benefactors and happy relationships
  • Place in store to bring enormous wealth and abundance customers to the owner
  • Ideal business gift for your friends/family, especially for grand opening
  • Great to usher in loving, harmonious and prosperous energies for both romance and wealth luck

Size: 17cm(L) x 20cm(W) x 22.5cm(H), Weight: 1.5kg
*Self-collection ONLY

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  • 代表幸运生活和工作中能够遇到更多好的事情,收获意料之外的惊喜
  • 家宅 – 财气源源不断非常旺盛,将财气和福气都送往家里
  • 办公室 – 招贵人,使人际交往关系更友好,避免是非
  • 商家 – 招揽客人,使商家财源滚滚,名利双收
  • 适合开业送礼,寓意生意兴隆,招财进宝

Where to Place

Home – The Fortune Cat should be placed in the Wealth Position of your home or facing the main door (to protect your health)
Shop – The Fortune Cat should face the entrance or be placed at your cashier area to attract customers
Office – Keep it on your office desk to bring career growth and promotion opportunities


Ceramic piggy bank (陶瓷扑满)

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 17 × 20 × 22.5 cm

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