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Ice Obsidian Guardian Amulet (Dragon and Snake)


🛡️ 普贤菩萨 [Pu Xian Pu Sa] 🛡️ Samantabhadra

The guardian of the Dragon and Snake zodiac is Samantabhadra.
Samantabhadra is the Bodhisattva of Universal Goodness or Bodhisattva of Great Conduct. Gain authority and leadership abilities with this pendant.

Wearing this Guardian amulet not only protects you from harm, it also helps prevents misfortune while ushering in longevity and windfall luck. Great to protect against malicious people and allows you to get your wishes fulfilled.

Amulet Dimensions: 3cm(L) X 5.3cm(H)
Necklace with Adjustable Length: Minimum Length – 31cm, Maximum Length – 39cm

*See below for Chinese description

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冰曜石八大守护神吊坠 – 龙,蛇


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