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Majestic Fortune Cat with Crown


According to folklore, a man took in a starving stray cat despite barely having enough to feed himself. In return, the cat stayed in front of the man’s store daily, inviting wealth to prosper him. Thereafter, the fortune cat has been a lucky charm, making it the perfect gift for housewarming or an opening of a new business!

Benefits: Attract harmony, wealth, peace and happiness to its owner

  • Adorned with a crown symbolising power and leadership authority
  • With a moving paw raised this is to beckon customers and attract wealth
  • The fat tummy of the fortune cat draws good fortune and helps to safeguard your money
  • Donning a blue cape to invite wisdom and academic success, especially for the adolescent or schooling individuals
  • double-facing mini fortune cat sitting on top of the staff will invite wealth from all directions
  • The fortune cat is holding a staff, which represents authority, ambition, and the ability to attain power. Suitable for individuals who are in a leadership or managerial position in the company. This is a great gift for anyone who have just been promoted or are awaiting a job advancement opportunity

Size: 17cm(L) x 25cm(W) x 23cm(H), Weight: 1.26kg
*Self-collection ONLY

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  1. 事业 – 升官发财,工资和职位双丰收。财运亨通,客似云来,生意兴旺
  2. 财运 – 口袋满满,财运到
  3. 感情/家运 – 纳财纳福,婚姻生活幸福
  4. 健康 – 拥有满满的福气和财气,生活顺利平安

Recommended Placement

This USB & battery operated fortune cat comes with a cushion for it to rest comfortably on. Place it:

  • Beside the cash register – To attract wealth and customers
  • Facing the main entrance of your home or your business retail outlet – Protect the wealth and bring harmony to the premise
  • At the wealth position based on Feng Shui assessment
  • Facing the main entrance of your office – To beckon wealth, attract customers and boost sales of any business
  • Finance Director’s Office or Accounts Department – Item can be placed in the Northeast, Northwest or Southeast sector of the room/office

*Note – The wealth direction for 2022 is in the Northeast and Northwest. For enhancement of your direct wealth (i.e. money from your career), you can place this item in the Southeast direction too. In sum, the 3 suitable sectors are the Northeast, Northwest and Southeast sectors of your living room/office.


  • 家宅(客厅/财位) – 聚集财气、运气、福气,让家中每位成员财富倍增,口袋满满
  • 办公室 (办公桌/财务房)– 招财,公司蒸蒸日上,规模扩大,生意兴旺,人缘好
  • 商家/店铺(招财猫要面向店门) – 招揽顾客,商机不断,宏图大展,生意红火



Ceramic (陶瓷)

Weight 1.26 kg
Dimensions 17 × 25 × 23 cm

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