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Majestic Orion Monochrome Protection/Prosperity Bracelet


Affluence. Opportunities. Influence. Energy booster.

  • Ignite the power to attract positivity, riches, harmony and success in life
  • A powerful healer and protector; helps to strengthen the immune system
  • Purify energies to facilitate healing, prevent exhaustion and burnouts

辉煌彩曜纳白富 (灵佑/官帽龙龟) 手链

  • 增强正能量,事业腾飞
  • 增进免疫力,护体康宁
  • 提升幸福好运能量,实现心中目标

Crystal size: 12mm
*See below for crystal descriptions and for more details

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Size Guide

*Wrist Size: Indicate your exact wrist size without any leeway in the Order Notes section during checkout. We will add an additional 0.2-0.5cm to your measurement for a most comfort fit.

For example:
Juno Enchantment Bracelet  – 14.8cm, Azure Victory Bracelet – 16.3cm

Your Essential Wealth or Power Protector

Imperial Dragon Turtle (官帽龙龟)

A Mi Tuo Fo (阿弥陀佛)

  • Embodies a balanced energy as well as peace and nobility
  • Dragon is associated with courage, prosperity and blessings, providing luck, authority and recognition
  • Turtle represents health and longevity, bringing stability and protection by warding off evil spirits
  • The monarchial headgear elevates the status of the dragon turtle and enhances its powers and symbolism
  • Bring confidence to stand undefeated against challenges
  • 龙龟是龙神和灵龟结合的化身,是开运化煞的瑞兽
  • 头为龙,有添福旺财的寓意,可加强贵人运,稳坐龙头宝座,一呼百应,步步高升,功成名就
  • 身为龟,代表健康长寿和祥和辟邪,化煞解厄,福气安康;化口舌旺人缘,和善可亲
  • 赋予官帽的龙龟,寓意能稳固地位,享有荣誉和权威,深得贵人缘,能旺财得贵,家运昌隆, 化煞解厄,逢凶化吉
      • For protection, decisiveness, harmony and emotional healing
      • Attract benefactors from all directions for success in life
      • Avert disasters and turn misfortunes into blessings
      • 得天乙贵人,功成名就
      • 增加智慧,提高判断力
      • 消减业障,免除灾祸,逢凶化吉

Featured Crystals

Rainbow Obsidian (12mm)
彩曜石 (12mm)
  • Provide hope, bring illumination and enhance leadership abilities for you to shine in your career
  • Restore emotional imbalances, ease stress and protect against external negativity
  • Rebuild the body and mind, purge negative energies and restore brokenness
      • 增加领袖魅力,激活创意思维,事业有所突破
      • 形成保护屏障,辟邪化煞,逢凶化吉,有助睡眠
      • 加强血液循环、改善体弱气虚,消除疲劳,增强生命力与体力
White Turquoise (12mm)
白松石 (12mm)
  • Has the ability to realign all 7 chakras and regulate unbalanced energy
  • A highly protective crystal often crafted into amulets to ward off negative energies, stabilize mood swings and aid in creative expression
  • Represent wisdom, tranquillity, protection, good fortune and hope
  • 调节情绪,增进和亲力,人缘佳
  • 增强人体免疫力
  • 提升幸福和好运能量,心愿达成
  • 随身必备护身符,逢凶化吉


Q1: Does the bracelet require cleansing?
A: It is recommended to cleanse the crystal bracelet regularly to keep them at their optimal energy level. Re-energize it weekly with Wealth Enhancing Purifying Water

Q2: When can I receive my order?
A: Our crystal bracelets are made-to-order. We will work our magic and get them dispatched within 2-4 working days after checkout!

Q3: Will there be any lost mail?
A: Tracking number will be sent to your WhatsApp when item is sent out so you can stay updated on the delivery status.

Size Alteration
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Bracelet Size

Match according to your wrist size (FREE One-time Size alteration)


Alternatively, you may select based on your usual apparel size. Our bracelets are designed to also match your clothing size!

*Note: Additional charges will apply for wrist circumference above 18.4cm.
**Due to the nature of crystals and Liu Li, difference in colour and tones of the individual pieces are not considered a defect.
***Natural crystals may vary slightly in colour, shape & size. Cloudy inclusions, crack lines or black spots may be present.
****Images shown are for illustration purposes only. Purchases are non-exchangeable & non-refundable.

Crystal Care
Do not wear to shower Do not wear to shower
Not recommended to wear to sleep Not recommended to wear to sleep
Not recommended to wear to sleep Re-energize it with Wealth Enhancing Purifying Water

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