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Tai Sui Emblem

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⚠️*2022 Zodiac Signs that Clash with Tai Sui: Tiger, Snake, Monkey, Pig
⚠️*2022 犯太岁的生肖是属虎, 蛇, 猴, 猪。需«太岁币»帮助扭转乾坤, 增添平顺

  • Removes obstacles caused by Sui Po energy clash brought by Tai Sui for smooth endeavours. Helps stabilize individual’s luck cycle.
  • The top area is shaped like a bat (Biān Fú) which is synonym to (Fu Qi) good fortune & blessings.
  • Has the symbol of Yin and Yang to balance energy flow.
  • Brass material enhances money flow & luck.
  • Allow you to have good self-control and emotional management.
退太岁犯进;退除煞气,保平安, 排忧解困
  • 币上刻有蝙蝠(福)图纹, 寓意福气临门; 黄铜则象征财禄, 二者搭配寓意福禄安康
  • 一面为八卦对应天地阴阳五行,一面为洛书九星对应流年九宫飞星,相配能够起到化解太岁和环境的冲煞作用
  • 护体元神,身体健康,顺心顺利

Size: 7.3cm (L) x 10.7cm (H)
*See photos for placement of Tai Sui Emblem
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Where to Place

(Option 1) – Place above your main door, with the emblem pointing upwards.
(Option 2) – Place underneath the doormat or flower pot of your main door, with the top of the emblem facing outwards.
Recommended colors for doormat are brown, beige or white.

Best Timing for Placement of Emblem

Anytime between 7am to 9am, Mon-Sun (any day).
Recommended to place emblem securely with 3M tape, you can start using the emblem after 21 Dec 2021(冬至).


(1)  贴在大门上:太岁币不分正反面,只要确保顶部蝙蝠尖角向上即可。
(2) 贴在大门口前的地毯:太岁币需摆放在大门外,大圆圈底部向门,蝙蝠(尖角处)向外,用地毯盖上。地毯可用棕色、米色或白色。

QNS? Do I have to buy a new Tai Sui Emblem if I already have one?

Ans: We encourage you to get a new one as Grand Master Phang will activate all emblems before we send them out. A new emblem will allow stronger protection for your household.

The Tai Sui deity changes every year and the old emblem has been utilized to absorb the negative Sui Po energies for the previous year. Hence, we strongly encourage you to use a new Tai Sui emblem. Should you like to use the existing one, you should re-charge the Tai Sui emblem weekly with the Wealth Enhancing Purifying Water to re-energize your existing emblem.

QNS? How should I dispose of my old Tai Sui Emblem?

Ans: To dispose of your existing Tai Sui emblem, wrap it with red cloth/red paper or place in a red angbao packet before discarding it.

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