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Tai Yin Odyssey Pendant


Yuan Zhong Siu’s Premium Collection
*Choose between 18K White Gold or Rose Gold 

The Tai Yin Odyssey Pendant (紫绣太阴) is from Yuan Zhong Siu premium collection. According to Chinese philosophy, the human body is composed of 5 elements:  metal, wood, water, fire and earth. These elements represent different energies and qualities within the body, and only when they are balanced, the body will be in a state of optimal health and wellbeing.

This signature item is our best-seller and is an exclusive pendant designed by Grand Master Phang. Consisting of premium crystals – Citrine, Amethyst, Blue Topaz, Red Garnet and Green Peridot – each of them is associated with the 5 elements. They are a specially curated combination of crystals that is meant to help the wearer maintain a harmonious balance of your body, mind, and spirit.

Available in 18K White Gold or 18K Rose Gold. Both options come with Om Mani Padme Hum scriptures that has the ultimate purifying and protective abilities to shield the individual from any harm.

Optimal Health. Purify Negative Karma. Inner Harmony. Marital Bliss. Protection from Harm.  

  • Helps in energy healing, hormonal balance and chakra balancing. For immunity boost, balanced emotions and healthy cell regeneration
  • To purify negative karma and bring about positive changes in one’s life
  • Unlock your true potential. Tap into the transformative power of the pendant to tap into your full potential and fulfill your dreams and aspirations
  • Enhance ability to improve finances, accumulate wealth, draw in benefactors and attain abundance in life
  • Excel in your career, family relationship and love life when you have greater clarity, emotional stability and harmonious energies around you
  • For optimal wellbeing and to keep body system in equilibrium. Helps to remove blockages, purge negative energies, reduce stress & inflammation, and aid in faster recovery
  • The Om Mani Padme Hum engraved scripture is on the back of the pendant. Helps to cultivate compassionate, empathy and kindness in life. Has the ability to reduce feelings of anxiety while shielding the wearer from harm (from both physical and spiritual aspects)

Pendant Size: 2.3cm(L) X 2.3cm(H)

^Note: Pendant does not come with necklace. Purchase comes with a wooden box.

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Balancing the five elements helps create a harmonious balance within the body, which can promote success and wellbeing in various areas of life, including money, career, love, health and more.

The circular design of the Tai Yin Odyssey Pendant is meant to promote a sense of wholeness and completeness; it helps to improve the flow of qi and enhance our sense of connection to the world around us. The circular shape is also associated with the concept of interconnectedness, therefore it can strengthen positive relationships and connections with others.

All online purchased pendants will be purified and activated by Grand Master Phang before dispatch.

Featured Crystals

Citrine (Metal Element)


  • Citrine is the light maker and the ultimate wealth crystal for manifestation
  • Carrying the power of the sun, it is energizing and life giving. Enhances your vitality and removes toxins from the body
  • Citrine attracts wealth, abundance & affluence. Improves your financial situation
  • Brings clarity, precision & strength. Helps you achieve your intentions faster
              • 黄晶主要功能为聚财及加强偏财运
              • 增加自信心及心情愉悦
              • 对于比较神经质的人有良好镇定及平稳作用
              • 做事能从一而终,努力不懈,热忱及积极向上
              • 增强信念和奋斗心,果断直接,用自己的实力、勇气,克服一切
              • 提高敏锐度,能有效把握机遇,得其所求


Green Peridot (Wood Element)


  • Provides grounding energy for an individual to have focus and discipline in life
  • Improves problem-solving and innovation skills in the workplace. Brings good career growth
  • A beneficial crystal stone for career as it helps to build a strong foundation for your business 
              • 青晶可加强信心,主心平稳,处事谨慎。
              • 对职业女性,事业平步青云,能有智慧处理人际关系
              • 对年长者,消除不安情绪,有助于睡眠
              • 可调节「肝、胆、眼睛和神经系统」的健康症状


Blue Topaz (Water Element)


  • Blue Topaz is the master healer of emotions. It is known to help release tension, negativity and fear
  • Its calming energy helps reduce stress & quieten the mind
  • Overcome lethargy and maintain emotional wellbeing
  • Great to drive away nightmares and negative energies. Act as a protective shield against unwanted energies of fear and anxiety
              • 蓝晶石是一种协调及冥想石,能净化心灵
              • 可以让人容易看透事物本质,提升洞察力,处事圆滑,能得良缘
              • 可调节「肾脏、膀胱、生殖、泌尿系统和皮肤」的健康症状


Red Garnet (Fire Element)


  • Increase confidence, enhance motivation & bring positivity in life, encouraging one to move forward despite external circumstances
  • It also open doors of opportunities to help the wearer gain power, authority & achievement of life goals
  • Restoration of energy levels. Enhance blood circulation and improve the overall health of your body system
                • 红晶主加强热忱,凡事积极、达观,能掌控大局,对生命创造价值,发出光辉
              • 能提升个人志向,做事当机立断,速战速决,创造时机,掌握实权
              • 可调理气血及调节「心脏、血液循环系统」的健康症状
              • 逢凶 化吉、事事顺利
              • 加强身体的再生能力,从而加速伤口的愈合


Amethyst (Earth Element)


  • Amethyst corresponds to the Crown Chakra. It enhances intuitive intelligence and creativity
  • It has the ability to lure in more career opportunities to your life
  • It has the ability to attract good benefactors, boost business ideas and increase leadership qualities of a person
  •  Be the ruler of your emotions & mind
              • 理智型能量水晶,广结善缘, 对生活充满热忱
                            • 掌握正、偏财,钱财源源不断
                            • 做事左右逢源,谋事顺利,才智兼备
              • 可得贵人扶助,获得上司提拔,得下属敬重,增加个人运气
              • 可做护身符佩戴,有助于驱邪助运



紫绣太阴是专为女性朋友精心设计的一款18K金饰吊坠。将宝石级的五行水晶设计成一个圆,寓意:境随心转、随心所愿,福气满满,同时平稳人体气轮, 提升女性的魅力。

  • 综合人体的气海能量
  • 平稳人体的气轮
  • 卸除人体的负能量
  • 净化人体的业障
  • 积受财富及鸿运
  • 增加思维平稳

大地之母       土能藏金
造福生命       以柔克刚
水能载舟       川流成河
免除灾害       生命泉源
太阴之母       人类先河


18k White Gold, 18k Rose Gold

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