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What Our Clients Say About Us

The feedback we receive from our customers is highly appreciated and will help us to improve our ability to serve. It is a driving force and motivation for us to continue to grow, excel and deliver the best customer experience.

For Master Vion Lee

Master Vion is very professional and she has given me a detailed analysis of the stars governing my life. Jiang Ni provided great customer service from the pre consultation till the follow up. She is very friendly and patient, and has clarified all my questions. Highly recommend to book an appointment with Master Vion from Serangoon outlet! Thank you for the great service and experience 🙂

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by Ariel BiJiao
For Master Cheng

Master Cheng was able to articulate very accurately on my Zi Wei Dou Shu chart. His analysis of my chart was very insightful and profound. The staffs in the outlet are very polite and friendly. Highly recommended for individuals who are seeking to understand deeper on different stages of their life. A Big Thumbs up!

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by Raymond Chee
For Master Cheng

Great experience with Master Cheng as he is able to decode my past experiences precisely. Initially, I was a bit sceptical but after the reading, I was convinced with Master's decipher ability. He gave me some pointers for my future and some encouragement words that means a lot at this current state. Consultants are very friendly and makes you feel very welcome as well. Overall, I would said it was a good experience.

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by Benson Lee
For Master Cheng

Master Cheng from Taiwan is very accurate and encouraging. He is very patient and give you a lot of advice how you can improve your life and avoid some obstacles. Highly recommended Master Cheng at Fortune Center Branch.

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by Grace Chong
For Master Cheng

Thank you so so much Master Chen. He really help me a lot of my business and gave me many precious advice. I really grateful that I met him and thankful of his service. I went there many times and also even doing business overseas also will ask someone to get the Feng shui items and deliver over I highly recommend Master Chen(陈泉龙师傅) who wanna see your 八字 and advice he is the one who you look for. Master chen is very patience and wiling to share. Thank you so much. P/S: I really love the Feng shui products too. Very quality and beautiful.

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by Jordan Chuan
For Master Cheng

Hi there I will like to comment and thank Master Cheng on the below and hereby sharing with you. End of 2019, my flat ended HDB Upgrading Scheme... However, my kitchen's ceiling-soffit was damaged. In 2020, due to COVID-19, costs of doing and possibility is very hard. Without knowing this at all, Master Cheng predicted correctly that there is a sign of home-works and is a must-do but suggested me to hold back abit. It helps because during past 2 months of 2020; the unit above mine had done a major renovation. It worsen the situation of my place. Indeed, a blessing in disguise I made a case with the relevant govt departments and I can see that due to COVID-2019; they are also very diligent and reacted within a week with the contractor to check on my situations.Just to share and update on my beliefs with Master Cheng & also YZS. Lastly, extending my appreciation with words here for Master Cheng and everyone who helped me during my years with YZS.

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by Lawrenz Tan
For Master Keith

After seeing Master Keith for my Zi Wei at Serangoon outlet , it really helps me in my career path. And my career now is getting better. Thanks to Master Keith for advising.

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by Claire
For Grand Master Hillary Phang

I’ve been following Yuan Zhong Siu for the past 9 years. Every year I will seek advices from Grand Master Phang on Feng Shui recommendations of my house and personal luck cycle.

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by Mr Zhuo
For Grand Master Hillary Phang and Master Vion Lee

Hi, Im Ms Zhuang, over these years we are extremely grateful to Grand Master Phang and Master Vion from Nex. Master Phang had given us plentiful of recommendations on Feng Shui, and Master Vion relentless effort in your help which instills confidences in us at the same time improve our family luck and fortune.

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by Ms Zhuang
For Master Ang

Through Ann’s recommendations, we engage Master Ang’s Feng Shui service. Through Master Ang’s Feng Shui recommendations, we realized that our house’s wealth position and secondary wealth position are missing which leads to our inability to accumulate wealth. We followed Master Ang’s advices and our situation improves.

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by Ms Peh
For Master Emily

Hi I am Ms Choo. I was recommended by my relatives on Yuan Zhong Siu’s services. From my relatives, I understand the importance of Feng Shui and luck cycle. Through the masters’ recommendations, it helped me to enhance all aspects of my life.

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by Ms Choo
For Tarot Master Jacelyn Phang

I was introduced by a friend to Jacelyn's tarot reading service last year. This is going to be my third session with her. I found her reading was very accurate and detailed. Jacelyn is very professional, very friendly and always cheerful. I really enjoy the session with her each time and definitely will recommend for those who are interested for some tarot readings. Jacelyn will definitely be your first choice! Thank you YZX!

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by Sotyna Yee

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